Sample Lesson - All Smilez Online Art School


If you are thinking of enrolling in the 2022 edition of All Smilez online art school, but you haven't had a chance to try out one of our lessons, here is one, "on the house".


( You also have the opportunity to sponsor (at the end of the enrolment in this freebie) an in-person member of All Smilez who is already attending regular after school classes, or who has been offered a position in the coming term.

If you know who you would like to sponsor, they will get $50 off of their fees and you will be notified of this.  If you would like to sponsor a student, then Kim will gift it towards one lucky and deserving student, based on their dedication to their art, or their family situation, and you will be notified. You may even hear from their family if you agree for me to give out your email address. )

Thank you!

Don't forget where to log back in:

All Smilez courses are hosted on Coursecraft, so you may occasionally get emails from them notifying you that we've published a new lesson.  

You should also be able to check back in this exact Free Sample course to see what's new each month.

1 free sample per month will be here as long as Kim remembers.  Yes, she does it all herself... 

Fingers crossed she can keep the momentum flowing.  SOOOO your feedback is encouraged. 

Thanks for being here :)

Table of Contents

Sample lesson of the month
Framing + Pohutukawa Painting pt 1
Upskill your Easter Egg Drawing 🥚🥚🥚

Nevermind the sample, just sign me up to the big all in one art school, with all Kim's previous lessons + all new lessons coming during 2022!