Muzzle training any dog is a good idea. Muzzles can feel very invasive for a dog to wear as it surrounds their main sense... smell. Dogs will not happily wear a muzzle without being taught that the muzzle is wonderful! By working through this training your dog will be comfortable, not rub their nose along the ground and even look forward to wearing their muzzle!

Wearing a muzzle could be for safety in different situations, to prevent them scavenging and/or preparing for a worse case scenario...

I am a big fan of preparing for worse case scenario because if it happens my dogs have been prepared and will be as comfortable as possible. As a Veterinary Nurse I have seen some dogs break their leg (or have a very sore injury) and because they are in so much pain have tried to bite when being moved by Veterinary Staff (no matter how friendly your dog is, a dog will bite if they are put in a stressful enough situation). A muzzle needed to be placed on these dogs for safety but if the dogs were not used to the muzzle it made the situation so much more stressful for them.

Day to day a muzzle should never be placed on a dog so you can put your dog into a situation that they are not ready for yet - don't set your dog up to fail. Muzzles are for just encase something happens everyone remains safe. 

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