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Intuitive Composition - There's More to Your Art Than How-Tos!

This course is about mentoring you to follow your intuition while teaching you how to allow your intuition and design sense dance together.

Intuitive Composition is about getting a grasp of what you need to learn to understand composition alongside paying attention to and developing what you want to express from within.

Learn to build your design repertoire while also honing your intuition.

STARTS SEPT 16, 2021

September 16, 2021 -
The Intuitive Composition Course is back,… bigger and better across 8 weeks, with new content added. Why? Because we are always evolving - me too - and I want to share that with you!

Super excited!
This course has been an amazing experience for so many artists, just read the reviews below. While it's chockablock loaded with awesomeness, I've expanded the course to enhance and provide an even better experience for artists. 

Welcome to Intuitive Composition!

Intuitive Composition is now an 8 week course, plus a rest week. 
Super excited to offer this course again! Thank you for joining me! The first time around received rave reviews. See those below.

We all have different reasons for making art but one thread that runs common through the fabric of our creative journey is that we want to enjoy what we are creating while we are creating it and we want to feel that our work is strong, authentic and true to us. 

Creating art can be so powerful and meaningful, especially when done from the space of our inner being. To express ourselves is one of the greatest yearnings for an artist and humans in general.

Art making is such an adventure and absolutely worth taking. This course, Intuitive Composition is a journey of traveling inward and outward. We look at how we work while drawing upon our inner resources and support that by fortifying our knowledge in design to make stronger work, innately.


Snippet from one of the process videos you have access to in this course.


Exploration is so important in creativity. We must be willing to try new things, stretch, fail, investigate, learn, modify, and try again in order to succeed in our art making. 

And what is success? To make strong, powerful authentic art. And enjoy it, at least most of the time!



On this adventure I will share with you my best practices in making my most authentic work which was discovered during my art journey. There are videos, demos, downloadables, a private Facebook community, zoom and/or live stream calls to support you on your journey. 8 weeks of diving into art making, intuition, what fires you up, expressive art making, and compositional study. You will also have a rest week in between to catch up if life has pulled you a bit sideways : )

As you go through this course you will have the opportunity to discover more facets of yourself & develop new ways of working that suit you best while you identify your unique intuitive senses. You will gain compositional knowledge that will relate back to your work and the way you approach it.

Join me on this creative adventure of Intuitive Composition!


You are probably wondering why I haven’t broken down the 8 modules.

In the Intuitive Composition Course, we dive deeply into intuition while also bringing the elements and the principles of design into consideration and focus. My approach to this content is distinctive and specialized. Intuition is a large part of creating authentic work. Here I guide you in how to combine these powerful aspects of art making in a unique way, your way.

On some level we have all used line, shape, value, colour etc. and of course, intuition, however, in Intuitive Composition I invite artists to sink into this adventure more fully and open yourself up to surprise, both in what the course offers you and what you discover in yourself and your art.

Many of you have followed me for years and know how much and how often I generously share. This is no exception. The reviews below will attest to the rich and vast content offered and how many have completed the course with a feeling of freedom, renewal and direction.

A module is released each week which contains several videos addressing the Module content, demos, visuals, critiques, presentations, downloadables and an assignment. The course is rich with videos each week which, for your convenience, you have the option of speeding up or slowing the time.

There is a weekly Q&A zoom call that is recorded and shared in the free Facebook group and here in CourseCraft platform. You will then be able watch the recording if you are unable to attend the live call. Day of the week for the call is still to be set.

Let’s do this!

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Embark on this creative adventure!
If not now, when?


  • I have been painting for many years, taken a lot of courses and pursued higher fine art education but Pauline's course really honed in on what art school glazed over. I was in a bit of slump creatively this past Covid winter and decided to take an 'inspirational' course to kick-start my intuitive fun explorations in painting. The IC course was far and beyond what I expected. Pauline gave SO MUCH of herself, her art practice, clear and practical details of design + composition etc. with great videos and concise reference material. I can't say enough about how rich and wonderful this experience was. Thank you Pauline!

    — SW, BC Canada
  • Intuitive Composition exceeded all my expectations. I had good vibes that this course would offer me enjoyment and enrichment, but it also enhanced my overall awareness of my own process and development. Pauline's generosity and passion for art are clearly apparent and fully shares her ethos throughout the modules. You are guided through each section with sensitivity and enthusiasm which in turn stimulate and provide the necessary confidence for you to move on and discover new things.

    — Tessa, Norwich, UK
  • This course far surpassed my expectations! It helped me go deeper in my understanding of various composition frameworks, but also included sections on color, inspiration, tools and exercises to help me find my own voice. Pauline is an amazing and enthusiastic teacher who gives so generously of her time and experience. She fosters a safe and nurturing environment and even inspired me to share my work for the first time! Highly recommend!

    — Kari, WI, US

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know this is for me?

Let's put it this way. This course is built to help you create YOUR ART not mine. So if you are wanting to paint like me, that is not what I am offering. Tricks and techniques are not the meat of this course. I am painting in several videos so you will see me creating while I discuss and demonstrate. I am doing so in order to share with you ways of tapping into your own creative being while giving you giant nuggets to help you understand composition in your art. Teaching you techniques & tricks about materials is not the goal or focus. It's about teaching and supporting YOU to listen to your intuition and to paint "from and like" YOU while making stronger and more authentic art!

Is there a certain amount of experience necessary to take this course?

You can take this course from any vantage point or amount of experience. You have access to the course material for 6 months and will also be involved with a wonderful community of artists in the Facebook Group where you will glean and learn so much from as well. In the January 2021 a complete beginner took the Intuitive Composition Course, just 3 weeks after receiving her first paint set. She absolutely loved the course and is doing beautifully in her art practice. There are seasoned artists as well that have taken this course who equally rave about the course. There is something for everyone.

Will you be accessible by email to answer my questions?

While you are enrolled in the course, I will be addressing artist questions in the Facebook Group and in the weekly Q&A Zoom Calls.

How long do I have access to the course?

Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material for 6 months from the start date. Plenty of time to go at your own pace and spread your process across the calendar but succinct enough to stay committed to developing your creative intuition and art practice.

Can you give any other details of the course?

Sure! The Intuitive Composition Course Welcome call is on September 16. Time still to be confirmed, either 11am or 12noon PST. Participants will be emailed the invite to the call.

The Welcome Call and all Q&A calls will be one of those times and will be recorded & uploaded to the platform for members to re-visit or to catch the recording if they missed the live call. These calls are 1 hour long.

The first module is released Sept 17. That is one day after the Welcome Call. Things are set up this way so that after the Welcome Call, participants have a full day to go review the Start Here Section, to learn how things work in both the course platform and the Facebook group.

It’s important for participants to go through this section to ensure you understand how the course runs, before launching into the actual course material. It’s essentially an FAQ to help those unfamiliar with courses, technology and how I’ve set up both the course & the calls to best serve the participants. Make sure you don't skip this section.

The course essentially then begins on the Friday Sept 17.

This timing is beneficial because most people have weekends off and they can go through the newly released module at their leisure.

There are several videos within each module, often a downloadable and at the end of the module there is an exercise.

You are able to go through this module as many times as you like. These videos can be viewed at your convenience. The next module is released one week later in the same fashion and so on for the following modules.

The rest week happens either after module five or six. This will be decided upon once any remaining tweaks or additional information has been added.

Hope that provided answers for any other questions you may have had.

What if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

Well, I would be sad. But if you're really unhappy with the course, just email me within 7 days to get a full refund minus fees.

Will you be helping us with technical stuff?

Things should be pretty turnkey but in case you have any technical issues with Facebook, CourseCraft, Zoom, Stripe, PayPal or your computer you'd be best to first update your app and restart your device. Anything that doesn't get resolved should then by dealt with by your own technical support or corresponding company help on their websites. I am not an expert in any of these fields.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

Let's do this awesome creative journey together!

Super excited to run this course again and to have you join me on this amazing creative adventure!

This journey is aimed at getting closer to creating from your innards!

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