Welcome to the wonderful world of mandalas.

We've been having so much fun in the studio creating these.  Now, you can join in too, from the comfort of home. The video lessons will tell you everything you need to know, but if you need help you can message me, your teacher, Kim.

I have many ways of starting and finishing mandalas.  You can work your way through my lessons in order or jump around and mix them up.  Some are easier than others, and I have arranged them in order that I feel are easiest to hardest.

My hope is that you enjoy making these as much as I do, and feel the benefits of drawing, and even inspire and teach others to make them too.

The calming benefits are AMAZING, plus your child will be learning maths, science and art skills all in one.

Good for the soul

You can use these lessons as many times as you like, and share in your household.  Only one enrolment is required per household, so great if you plan to draw together as a family or have kids who don't want to learn at the same time.

You can post photos of your work under each lesson and get direct feedback from your teacher. 

MATHS AND MANDALAS!  Oh yes, this is So about the maths!  But don't tell the kids until they've made a couple and enjoyed the symmetry, reflection, rotation, angles, and ooooo do kids LOVE playing with the compass!

Sneak peak inside one of the lessons:

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long do I have access to this course?

For the lifetime of the course. As long as it exists.

How often can I watch the videos?

As many times as you like. You can also share within your home.

How many drawings can I post in the comments section?

You can post your own drawings and those in your home, in the comments section under each lesson. You can post more than 1 but you may also be able to take a photo of more than one drawing at a time.

Can we communicate with you, Kim? Ask you questions and get feedback?

Yes! In the comments section below each lesson. Please do this. I LOVE to see everyone's work!

Table of Contents

Getting Started - Understanding mandalas
Important: How to use this platform
Snowflake Mandalas
Looking at other mandalas, then measuring by folding. You need scissors for this one.
Magazine Collage Mandalas
Folding and Tracing
Animals and Letters Reflection - fold and trace
Repeating Name Mandala
Drawing Mandalas using guidelines
Here's an easy way to get nicely measured lines - folding and tracing, use a ruler
No Compass Needed - Focus on LINES and shapes
Adding Colour, Texture, and Shading
How to use a protractor, compass and ruler
Drawing squares within your circles
Practise with a compass / Make your paper squared, and draw lines from the corners. Create amazing design within.
Funky Star Mandala
Shading, Texture, and Colour
Overlapping Circles Mandala

Mindful Mandal drawing
Your whole family will enjoy

You'll be stoked to be taught how to do it YOUR way! No copying here :)

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