Charm School Mini Course - Free! (Class of 2021)

You're Invited to the Charm School Mini Course

Who:  Moms (in all seasons of life)

What: A Spring Break for Moms (with the best lessons from Charm School)

When: Work-at-your-own pace

Where:  On-line (Live Sessions are pre-recorded - Access anytime at your convenience!)

Why:  A Free Retreat for Moms of All Ages*  

*Limited to the first 100 online seats!

5 Sessions

We'll kick-off with a Personal Analysis and a Beauty Diet!

Learn the 1950 ladies' secret to beauty & grace!  Plus practice walking.

The charming woman has a wardrobe to flatter both shape and color -find it!

Discover your face shape and learn how to get the most from your haircut!

Learn the beauty schedule for the band-box look!

Welcome Mom!

Are you needing a spring break?  With a new baby, I know I am!

I sincerely hope you'll join me for The Charm School Beauty Retreat that all moms deserve.  It's a Spring Break for Mom!  And it's online.

(This is still available!)

  • I'll be sharing -live!  
  • I'll be sharing the best of Charm School Beauty Lessons!  
  • I'll be sharing my own personal tips and stories!  

This spring, I want you blooming with new life!  Join me for fun and beauty lessons.  You'll enjoy ...

  • 5 Top beauty lessons -that you can do now!
  • Vintage expert wisdom that produced models + actresses of the 1950s
  • Personal Analysis Guide + Mentoring
  • Progress Chart (for tracking your results)
  • A look inside the full Charm School!  
  • Live Q & A Sessions with me and all the moms attending
  • Access to many Charm School Printables and Much More!

My heart is so full!  I can't wait to share all this with you!

Don't miss out
It's the event for Spring!

Want more details?

Needing a pretty and fresh start?  All moms deserve a time of refreshment! That's why I'm hosting the Charm School Mini Course -Free!

It's a look at the best of Charm School ... with lot's of bold-faced truths and actionable steps for a fresh start! ( Scroll down to see itinerary.)  Any mom can attend because it's online!

Plus, after the retreat, I'll be hosting the Charm School Class of 2020 with one-on-one mentoring!  You don't want to miss it.

If you want to go beyond the retreat ... here's what you can expect!

The Charm School offers 50+ lessons (a full 10 week, results-based course) in beauty, charm, and etiquette and is designed for moms (while daughters ages 13+ are free with mom's enrollment).  

We suggest reading charm lessons at your breakfast table and completing beauty assignments right afterwords (8:00 am sharp or your pick your hour as this is a work-at-your-own pace course).  

This is where the rubber meets the road - and transformation happens!  

Just ask the other moms who did it.  :-)

Lessons cover 5 focus areas:  Read lessons and do assignments that bring results to make moms (1) charming of form, (2) charming of grace, (3) charming of dress, (4) charming of face, and (5) charming you-see all lesson topics here.

The full course includes many, many free printables such as:

  • Progress Chart
  • Ideal Measurements
  • Beauty Diets
  • Beauty Exercises
  • Clothing Color Chart
  • And Lots More

In the Charm School, you will be inspired with scriptures & vintage wisdom from experts who were famous in the actress & modeling businesses in the 1950's including Frankie Van, Universal Studio's Athletic Director, and many, many more.  Here at the Charm School, we believe that charm & beauty never go out of style.

"When you praised her as charming, some asked what you meant, But the charm of her presence was felt where she went."

 -Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Plus, I will be personally mentoring you step-by-step.  

If you want to go beyond and get the results ... don't miss the Charm School!

For a limited time
Less than $2 per lesson.

What moms are saying ...

"I am in complete awe of this course!  Thank you for recognizing the desperate need for this course! "

- Kristan Nicodemus and Kassidee

Session 1: Charming of Form
Lesson 1: Personal Analysis + Progress Chart
Session 2: Charming of Grace
Lesson 8 - Walking Gracefully
Session 3: Charming of Dress
Lesson 13 - Your Color Palette
Session 4: Charming of Face
Lesson 21 - Your Face Shape (Progress Check-In)
Lesson 30 - Hair Styling (Waves + Pin Curls)
Session 5: Charming of Body
Lesson 35 - Beauty Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can access this course?

Any mom with a computer or mobile device!

How long is each session?

Each session is 15 minutes long -but will be chalk-full of information. Have your pen and notepad! Plus, you join in the live Q & A session to get real with discussion.

I still have a question. How can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

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