According to the American Medical Association Journal, over 100,000 Americans die in hospitals every year due to side effects from regularly prescribed medications. Throughout America, a huge amount of medication is prescribed on a daily basis. The medical community openly acknowledges the fact that it does not have any cures for several common diseases that affect our people. Most allopathic medicines have side effects that can range from mild to severe. The reason for this is that most of these chemicals have certain toxic properties. This is why there have been so many prescription drugs that got pulled from the market after enjoying several years of FDA approval. The sad thing is that very few doctors.

This course covers the necessary details on natural cures and focuses primarily on herbal healing. We also explore many natural health topics that you may have been pondering. After you finish this course, you will discover many facts about herbs and herbal cures that you may have been unaware of. All of the wrong notions you might have had, will be eradicated. 

Course Overview

Learn the history of natural medicine

Why Natural healing is important

How you can heal your body naturally

The benefits of natural healing


This is an educative piece of information, yet more information awaits you in our Ayurveda Natural Health Program. We encourage you to explore our program upon completion of taking this course as there is so much more for you to learn.

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Table of Contents

The History of Natural Health
Medicine Man Sessions

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It's the best course ever