Best Place To Take A Czech Girl On A Date

Café, Bar or walking on the beach – Which is the best place to take a girl on a first date?

Assuming that you managed to go all the way from meeting a Czech girl to setting up a date with her, your question should now be – where am I going to take her.

My basic answer would be – it doesn’t really matter where you take her, because what’s important is how interesting and attractive you will be on a date, and whether you will find the “click” with your girl.

However, this is not completely true, and the truth is that the location of the date has an impact on its success.

I have a friend who believes that he should take a girl on a first date to a very expensive restaurant. Well, although he really “invests” in his dates, very few of the girls agree to meet him again.

At first glance, it’s doesn’t seem correct – if he invests so much in a girl and impresses her with a fancy restaurant, isn’t she supposed to like? Well, when it comes to dating, in many cases – the more you “invest”, the less attracted to you the girl will feel.

The Problem Of Showing Too Much Interest

Let’s imagine that you are a customer, who is interested in buying a new car. So go to the local car agency, and you want to see what they have to offer.

Now, the salesman, instead of showing you the vehicles, offers you to drink some coffee, calls his secretary to bring some cookies. And then, he offers you some his company’s pens as a gift. Perhaps he also gives you a few compliments.

“Why is he flattering me and behaving so nice to me?”, you must ask. In fact, the average man’s reaction to this would be discomfort – there must be either something very wrong with the car, or it’s totally over-priced.

The same thing happens with a Czech girl. It’s nice when a guy invites her to a date. But when she sees that he’s investing so much money in her, when he hardly even knows her, it makes her less comfortable and less attractive.

The only Czech women who want to be taken to a fancy restaurant, are women who are interested in your money, not in your personality. And they aren’t going to sleep with you either.

So don’t take her to an expensive place. There is no reason to impress her with your money. You don’t need to spend more than 30$-40$ on a first date (and it can be even much less).

Alcohol On A First Date

I believe that getting a girl drunk in order to have sex with her, is definitely not necessary. If she’s attracted to you and feels comfortable, a girl can agree to have sex with you pretty quickly. Sometimes getting her drunk can ruin it, and cause unexpected behavior.

But some alcohol can be an advantage: Women are very aware to their image, and according to our society’s principles, a girl shouldn’t want to have sex too quickly. So in a normal condition, a woman will try to resist having sex with a guy she’s just met.

And yet, women love and enjoy sex, many of them even more than men. What women need, in order to “agree” to have sex with you, is to feel that they were “seduced” and that they didn’t really have control over their actions.

On the next day, when she’s going to tell her friends what happened (and she’ll have to tell, women can’t keep such things to themselves), her story will be “I don’t know what happened. I drink a glass of wine, and I got so dizzy. It just happened”.

A woman needs to feel this lack of control. She doesn’t need to be drunk – she just needs this excuse.

So when you consider a place for a first date – it should have alcohol involved, just for the chance you will want to have sex afterwards.

Get Ready For The First Kiss

A first date without a first kiss is definitely not very successful. Women usually resist and don’t want to have sex too quickly, but when it comes to kissing, it’s probably the opposite.

Women find kissing as extremely romantic, and it’s something that should happen on a first date.

Now, unlike all those Hollywood movies, kissing at the end of the date is pretty awkward. The best moment to have this first kiss, is during the “peak” of the date, and this usually happens during the date, and not at the end.

Therefore, when you choose a place for a first date, consider a place that is comfortable to kiss with her, during the date.

So What’s The Best Place For A First Date with Czech girls?

The best place to take a girl, is definitely a quite bar. Why? Well, first of all, it’s not too expensive and not too “fancy”. It’s also great because you don’t need to eat anything. Just go out, drink some beer or wine. It’s not going to cost you too much, and it will never feel that you are over-interested.

On the other hand – a bar will never be considered as a cheap place, because, well it’s a bar.

By the way, when you go to a bar, try to arrange it so that you don’t sit in front of each other, but more of a side-to-side, so you can’t easily have physical contact.

A bar is great, because you are going to drink alcohol, not getting drunk – but yet drinking. It will make it comfortable to kiss, because it’s common to see couples kiss in a bar. And, if you feel ready with her, having sex after the date can be possible.

What is also great about a bar is that you will have music playing, lots of people around you, probably other couples on a date. So you will have plenty of topics to talk with her about, just from your surroundings.

The best place to take a girl on a date? It’s definitely a quite bar. It’s definitely not the only possible place. But if you have nothing else on your mind — just go to a bar.

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