Heal Anxiety with Ease - A Step-by-step Online Guide

There is a difference between healthy apprehension and debilitating anxiety. Healthful worry helps you solve problems and keeps you safe, and then it eases quickly. Disordered anxiety takes control of your thoughts and impacts all areas of your life. It steals your joy, shrinks your world, causes deep sadness, holds you back, and can even lead to substance use disorder. 

There is hope. You don't have to live this way. Anxiety is one of the most treatable mental health conditions.

This course is the perfect solution for individuals unable to afford or attend counseling or anxiety relief coaching. And, this course is perfect to use alongside therapy.

Course Overview
In this online, self-paced, step-by-step anxiety healing course, you will 

  • identify the core causes of your anxiety
  • learn healthy coping skills and recovery tools
  • understand and become in charge of your emotions
  • learn to confront fear with a safe approach
  • break through internal and external obstacles related to anxiety
  • gain the ability to lead a deeply fulfilling life free of disordered anxiety and unnecessary worrisome thoughts

Course Format                                                                                                                                  

This course includes thought-provoking questions, engaging videos, and easy to understand written text.

Table of Contents

Lesson One: Anxiety and Self-Care
Lesson Two: The Difference Between Worry, Stress and Anxiety
Lesson Three: Anxiety and the Nervous System Response
Lesson Four: Understanding the Anxiety Cycle
Lesson Five: How to Activate the Vagus Nerve to Reduce Anxiety
Lesson Six: Top Anxiety Calming Tools
Lesson Seven: Cognitive Distortion - All or Nothing Thinking
Lesson Eight: Neuroplasticity to Decrease or Alleviate Anxiety
Lesson Nine: How Willingness Helps Alleviate Anxiety
Lesson Ten: Building an Exposure Hierarchy Plan to Heal Anxiety

Don't miss out
“Only you can give yourself peace.”

  • I've struggled with anxiety for over a decade. I tried medication, counseling, and read tons of self-help books without success. Dr. Kriste does not add fluff, she gets to the point quickly. The concepts have meaning and I was able to apply them to my anxiety. My anxiety is finally under control. I feel like I can get back in the game! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    — Jamaica Mahoney
  • I never thought I would be able to attend social events due to social anxiety. Thanks to this course, I no longer have anxiety in crowds. The exposure plan helped me to take the steps I needed.

    — Lisa Dwelley
  • This is an outstanding course! It was amazingly, better than I expected. This course helped me understand how and why I feel and behave the way I do. The ideas, questions and tools have and will make a difference in how I view happiness and what I choose in order to have a balanced, fulfilled life. A lot of "WOW" Moments! Good "life work" to help build positive habits. I was pleasantly surprised when Dr. Kristé wrote me after submitting my answers. Her words were encouraging and very kind. I feel a forward momentum towards more joy and happiness and I couldn't be more grateful.

    — Laura Wolf
  • I truly enjoyed this anxiety course, I found so much value in it. I recommend it to anyone who wants to start or expand their knowledge with positive psychology.

    — Dean Cruise
  • This course is not what I was expecting. It was even better! After four years of fearing to swim due to an accident, I am back in the lake and without freaking out! Grateful beyond words.

    — Tom Fabri
  • Thank you, Dr. Sprague, for helping me overcome anxiety. My life is now amazing!

    — Treyvon Jackson
  • This course empowered me to take my life back.

    — Abala Holkar
  • Dr. Sprague's voice is so calming. I felt better starting with the first video. This course is better than expected.

    — Nancy Green

Heal Anxiety with Ease
Discover peace of mind, naturally.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

Forever! Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you need it. So devour it all in one weekend or take things slow. It's your choice!

How long are the videos?

Getting to the point quickly, each video is between five and twenty minutes. 

What if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

This course in non-refundable. However, If you are dissatisfied with this course, the aim is to quickly correct the problem. Please email

Will you hold some type of “office hours” for students to interact with you individually or in a group?

If you would like extra support you may book a session by visiting Students taking this course though adult education will be contacted before the start of the class. Together, we will set check in times for the first six weeks.

If I still have a question, how can I contact you?

Send me an email at

Anxiety does not have to take over your life.

About Dr. Kristé

Dr. Kristé's heart-centered, strength-based, integrated approach to anxiety considers body, mind, emotions, spirit and attainable self-designed goals. The premise is that there is a person with unlimited potential for healing, health, peace, and happiness within each of us.

Kristé holds a traditional Bachelor’s degree in Athletics, a Master’s in Metaphysical Science and a Doctorate in Transpersonal Counseling. In addition, she is a Reiki Master, certified Recovery Coach and certified in Neuroplasticity. 

Kristé is a dynamic, soulful speaker and a sought-after expert in helping others alleviate disordered anxiety. Her passion for sharing these healing keys is what drives her therapy and coaching practice, speaking engagements, workshops and online course.

Kristé has helped people across the globe learn to become empowered, create sacred space, listen to their higher-self, manifest desires, meet personal goals, cure anxiety, stop panic attacks and heal deeply.

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“Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow.”—Swedish proverb

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