Anne CARDWELL - bird and flower double mosaic kit

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Creating a mosaic from scratch can be daunting not to mention a little time consuming - there are so many beautiful materials available it can be hard to choose - start by trying these easy to use tiles and progress to others with your next project.

This kit was designed by UK ceramic and mosaic artist Anne Cardwell, who has been working in collaboration with and supplying The Craft Kit for many years. Kits are a perfect way to try out mosaic art and discover the joy and pleasure of working with tiles to create pictures and colourful designs.

Byzantine soft tiles have been chosen for their delightful range of colours as well as their ease of use. The inexpensive mini nippers (supplied) and are effortless for just about anyone to use and even with supervision, children. By teaming the tiles with Anne's fabulous handmade designs, their bright colours complementing the colourful ceramics, a small project is completed in a very manageable amount of time, about 1-3 hours depending on the kit. 

Additionally, by placing the tiles closely together there is no need to grout the finished piece. In just a couple of hours the work will be done - perfect for a relaxed arty activity with creative friends.

The easy online instructions that come with every kit offer simple tips and techniques, principles that will enable more ambitious mosaic art projects in the future.

How to buy the kits or access the instructions.

These are the online instructions for a delightful colourful pair of coaster sized mosaics, a pocket sized project to brighten any home. Frame them to show them off. 

With these easy soft tiles and a quick design, this is the very easiest way to try out a mosaic project. Encouraged, the next project will surely follow quickly afterwards! 

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  • If you wish purchase only the step by instructions and buy your own tiles, follow link below which will take you to the payment page for the course. Watch the course and then order your tiles later. 

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