Creative Writing Workshop March Course

  • Dominique Watson's Creative Writing Course is on point. This course not only helped me get my writing juices flowing it took my writing to a higher level.

    — Jahzara Bradley
  • What an amazing workshop. From beginning to end it was very detailed and organized. This workshop helped me understand the structure of a novel and helped me with my to be a prologue or not be a prologue question. Great workshop that I would definitely take again.

    — Tabitha Sharpe

Materials needed:

Pen/Pencil (optional)

Paper (Optional)

Laptop/device (required)

Proper email account is needed in order to send assignments to instructor.

Participation is required

Coming March 14th-March 21st, 2022

Course Syllabus

Join in a seven day workshop that will help bring out your creative juices through writing prompts. Writing prompts will give you the inspiration and ideas to push through your own story. These prompts are specifically for writers who are having a hard time seeing the vision of their story.

Writers will join a group on Facebook to be able to network with their fellow writers.  Writers will have the freedom to go through all seven lessons at their own pace being sure to turn in all of their work by the end of the desired day.

Writers will receive questions about the days prompt in hopes to get writers really thinking about the exercise and then apply the days work to their own work.

It will give writers the ability to network, draw ideas from this workshop to their own stories and novels as well as get the help and guidance they need for their story.

Lesson One
Are We Connected?
Lesson One: Expressing Emotions
Today's Discipline; Scene Description
Lesson Two
Lesson Two: Dialogue Flow
Today's Discipline; Character Development
Lesson Three
Lesson Three: Well Developed Flashback
Today's Discipline; Character Conflict
Lesson Four
Lesson Four: Moving Forward
Today's Discipline; Scene vs. Chapter
Lesson Five
Lesson Five: Prologue Practice
Today's Discipline; Character/Plot Driven
Lesson Six
Lesson Six: Epilogue Practice
Today's Discipline; Scene Organization
Lesson Seven
Lesson Seven: Storyline Development
Today's Discipline; Subplot Creation
End of Course
End of Course Discussion: Congratulations