Speak Out * Act On * Light Up * Tune In

S.A.L.T. was launched from a prophetic message to Australia. In the message, it showed the Father's heart for children to actively participate in seeing His Kingdom come to Australia and in fact any nation. We all know that the kingdom of God belongs to children. The S.A.L.T. team partnered with heaven’s invitation to find a way for every child to respond and be a kingdom kid now.

We produced this innovated new resource designed to empower children to pray and prophesy for their nation. It focuses on children praying and listening and creatively sharing the Father's messages with others. Each topic contains a short training video, Bible stories and practical and inexpensive exercises to activate children in prayer and prophecy immediately.

This resource pack would be great as a term curriculum in a children’s ministry. Alternatively use it as a holiday program, a children’s camp, family devotions or in-home groups as it is pre-recorded and ready to use. This resource can be shown in person or streamed digitally to congregations or used at home. Our dream is that every child and family can be inspired to know that children are powerful in the Kingdom, their prayers and prophetic words matter.

This resource will train and equip children to partner with heaven’s call. You can adapt and use it however it suits your needs. In each topic there is ample material to explore the topic at least twice.  In each topic we provide:

*  Training videos by various very experienced children’s ministers
*  Recorded bible stories by David Cheah
*  Recorded testimonies by various adults and children to encourage you
*  Recorded demonstrations of the creative child-friendly activations, 
   including dancing, singing, science, art and more.
*  PDF downloadable worksheet to reproduce.

The five topics covered, with enough content in each topic to do it over two or three sessions:

1.  Be the Church - Sue Carpenter
2.  Hit the Target with Words – Roselyn Owen
3.  Worship and Singing a God Song - Cathie Clancy
4.  Praying with God’s Superpower, Words of Knowledge - Andrew Austin
5.  Be S.A.L.T.Y - Bev Bekker

S.A.L.T. Vision

S.A.L.T was launched from a prophetic message activating children with the Holy Spirit.

This resource will train and equip children to partner with heaven’s call.

Family Enrollment by Donation: $10 - $100

Suggested: $10

Church Enrollment by Donation: $100 - $500

Suggested: $100