Zen Drawing and Meditative Mark Making

Meditative drawing (or drawing meditation) is a visual technique for training attention and awareness, putting the mind in a calm and stable state, and exercising your creative muscle.  There are many different types of Zen Drawing and Meditative Mark Making processes.  Mark making is simply that.  Making marks with different materials, exploring, experimenting and playing with them.  In this course we'll focus on mark making with pens, pencils, charcoal, markers, paint pens, oil pastels, crayons anything you have around your house or want to explore.   

The first couple of lessons focus on just building your visual literacy, so if you are a first time, no experience art maker, this is for you!  It is also a good daily practice for exploration and meditation for everyone, even seasoned artists.

You will learn different types of meditative drawing exercises and have time to execute them at your leisure. The ZenDoodling and Meditative Mark Marking Workbook is included! If you have questions about anything please contact us!

All proceeds from this course go to providing free coaching and counseling to individuals in need of mental health services and are unable to pay and hygiene/warm kits for the homeless.

What is Mindfulness Anyway?
Art, Calm and Neuroscience
Mindfulness and Meditation Practice
Mindful Breath
Scribble Drawing
Chakra Colors
Day 1 - Creating the Container and Mark Making
Day 2 - Dashes
Day 3- Dots
Day 4- Diagonals
Day 5 - Horizontal Lines
Day 6 - Vertical Lines
Day 7 - ZigZags
Day 8 - Scalloped Edge (Bumpy)

Supply List

You will need the following (note the only truly required material is paper and something to drawing with):

  • paper
    • starting on small pieces the size of an artist trading card is recommended for beginners with limited to no art experience. It's less over whelming.  But your paper can be as large as you want it to be.  It can be a simple as copy paper from your printer or more fancy as a Zentangle tile or mixed media paper.  If you have one or want to splurge having an art sketch journal would be helpful.  I keep my Zen Drawings and Mark Making in a small watercolor field journal. If you use watercolor paper, make sure it's hot press.  Cold press destroys the tip on micron pens.  Paper weight anything from 50-140 lb.  Newsprint would not be advisable.
  • something to draw with
    • pens, microns, markers, colored pencils, paint pens, etc.
  • an open mind
  • a quiet space


  • any kind of watercolor set with brush and a cup of water or a water fillable brush.

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