You Are Not Alone - Online Parent Retreat Experience

You Are Not Alone: An Online Parent Retreat Experience

It takes a village to raise a child says the old proverb. 

Join us, along with other parents who have started this retreat.

You are not alone.


Parenting is tough. We are tougher together.

This is the parenting retreat that doesn't JUST talk about parenting.

You Are Not Alone.

We hear countless stories of parents who feel lost, overwhelmed, guilt, and confusion.

Especially during these tough times, parents are unsure where to receive support, education, and healing in their parenting journey.

This online parent retreat experience is here to provide that.

Our mission statement is simple:

Educate. Empower. Heal.


But this retreat is NOT for EVERYONE. Wanna know if you're ready to join?

  • You're tired and overworked from work and family matters
  • You sometimes result in yelling when your kids don't listen to you
  • You try your best to keep calm but sometimes it's too unbearable
  • You joined summits only to find yourself back at square one after a few days
  • You enjoy sharing those parenting memes about parent struggles
  • You try to pass on the responsibility of disciplining your child to your partner so you won't have to do it
  • Your definition of alone time is when it's 11 pm and you're ready to binge-watch on Netflix only to realize that you need to sleep now so you can have enough energy to last the next day
  • You said yes to all of the other statements and you know you want this to change

Here's What You'll Get When You Join:

  • Learn how to prioritize YOU so you can be a better version of yourself by learning to some of the best parenting experts there is today. Plus, you get 1 Year Access to the video interviews inside your very own membership community.
  • Get 1 Year EXCLUSIVE access to a private community of parents who want to be educated, feel powered, and heal from their pains. Plus, interact with some of the best parent influencers and experts in the field. It's gonna be really FUN!
  • Get your digital copy of the "YANA Guides to Becoming an Educated, Empowered, and Healed Parent" plus some many more prizes from Dr. Lockhart, Marlene, our amazing speakers, and sponsors.


Don't take it from us. Here's what other parents have to say about this retreat.

Who Are Your Retreat Facilitators?

Who Are Your Speakers?

Take a Sneak Peek of what's inside


You are not alone - Online Retreat
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Day 1: Back to the Basics
Day 2: Safety, Support & Security
Day 3: Connection & Conversations
Day 4: Gain Strength & Be Free

What will I get if I join the You Are Not Alone: Online Retreat

You will get access to the pre-recorded interviews from some of the most sought-after experts from parenting, finances, food, and organization.

We aim to help you in your journey as a parent, partner, and professional. That's why you will also be added to our EXCLUSIVE Facebook Group where you will get support from the experts.

Free downloadable summary of each session.

How long will I have access to the videos and the private Facebook group?

You will have access to the videos and Facebook group one year, ending August 2021.

Can I invite other people to join the Facebook group?

Unfortunately, no. We want it to be exclusive to those who enroll in the online parent retreat experience.

You can direct them to this page instead so they can join too.

I still have some questions, who can I talk to?

You can send us an email at or send us a DM at @yana.retreat on IG.

OK, I'm in!