Work with Eloise ~ In person in Glastonbury UK or Internationally via Skype.

⚜️ Work with Eloise 1-1 in person or via Skype ⚜️

🌟 Intuitive Life Coaching ~ Angel Therapy ~ Card Readings 🌟

Do you wish to receive healing guidance from your Soul, Higher self and the Angels about Love, Relationships, family, health, career and your life purpose?

Do you need guidance on how to heal a blockage, old belief patterns and transform your life? Eloise offers a bespoke package just for you.

Eloise Bennett has been reading cards professionally for 25 years and has client’s worldwide. Eloise’s Natural gifts as a Clairvoyant have been active since a young child. She is a qualified Angel Therapy™ Practitioner and has successfully completed the medium-ship program by Doreen Virtue Ph.D.

Eloise believes we all create our own destiny and nothing is set in stone due to free will. Having an angel card reading or intuitive coaching session is like looking at a map it shows many pathways and opportunities.

The Angels and your Soul show us the highest pathway so the individual can then take responsibility for their life’s journey and with guidance from the angels achieve and manifest their goals from the heart.

Eloise connects to your higher self, the Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters in a reading and combines her psychic, intuitive, and medium-ship skills to guide people on their life path for their highest good.

🌹 Magdalene Rose Healing®🌹

During your Magdalene Rose Healing® Eloise holds a space for the client to be deeply nurtured and supported as she channels the divine energy of Christos and Sophia, and works with her over lighting Angel Seraphina, the Sisterhood of the Rose and the Rose, Gold Diamond light. 

You may perceive Isis, Mother Mary, Magdalene, Aprodite and Sarah Tamar holding you as the Rose light Enfolds you.   

Magdalene Rose Healing® is perfect to balance the male and female energies, for mind heart coherence and to connect the recipient with their soul. This empowering treatment is partially helpful for female health and well-being and healing of the womb.  

The pampering treatment includes a Womb Blessing and Healing energy transmission. This assists in releasing the fear, pain and hurt that you could be holding in your womb space. When we clear, heal and activate our wombs space, we get in touch with the creative life force within and can manifest new beginnings and our heart desire. 

💎 Seraphim Healing ® 💎

Seraphim Healing® was channelled to Eloise by her over lighting Angel Seraphina whilst she was on a spiritual retreat in Mount Shasta California in 2007. Seraphim Healing® is a form of Angel therapy that works with an individual’s soul, empowering and returning them to who they truly are a perfect divine being.

Seraphina, Metatron and the seraphim work with Eloise and the cosmic diamond white ascension flame. They blaze it in through and around the recipient transforming and transmuting lower thoughts, feelings and energy into pure love and light. During a treatment the Eloise takes into consideration the many unique facets of an individual’s being and holistically creates the perfect healing experience. Working with seraphim healing, Intuition, crystals, aromatherapy, colour and sound for a perfect relaxing, and empowering treatment.

💜 Angelic Reiki 💜

Angelic Reiki is an excellent method of healing, addressing all areas, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It can target the root causes of issues, including past lives, and therefore effectively remove the symptoms.

Angelic Reiki connects the recipient to the unconditional Love of their Higher/Soul self.You may not know, but your Soul will know why it has brought Angelic Reiki to you.

It will change your DNA, your cells and molecules and activate your Light body creating transformation, peace and harmony in your life.

To book your consultaion

To book please pay via the Book now link below and whats app or text  Eloise on +44 (0) 7977583224 to arrange your Appointment date and time. 

( you will be given a slot within 2 weeks as their may be a waiting list) 

Before you book please note Due to Eloise’s teaching commitments, she is only available for readings and healings Monday to Thursday between 10am and 1pm In person in Glastonbury UK or Internationally via Skype..

However distant healings can be sent at your chosen date and time or even when you sleep at night.

Investment £144.00 per hour to include a complimentary empowering tools for transformation course and coaching work book filled withY self-help techniques. (BOOK TODAY AT A DISCOUNT PRICE OF £111.00)

Eloise operates a 48 hour cancellation policy for 1-1 consultations, if you can not make your appointment please let Eloise know ASAP, you will be awarded a credit note, and we can rescedule your consultation.  



Table of Contents

How to prepare for our consultation
How to ground, connect and protect.
Intuitive coaching workbook and after care


  • WOW. What a Holy Profound Experience. Eloise Bennett is 1000% following her calling. I was ending a month and a half long pilgrimage and My house host recommended seeing this amazing woman. The things Eloise Bennett confirmed. The things she knew that only my angels and soul could know. She assisted me in guiding me on what my angels were sharing and the chills and knowing I experienced at a cellular level can not be put into words. Thank you for your commitment. Your service. Your surrendering. Your heart. Your space. I have worked with so many who work in the spirit world and BY FAR, this was the most spot on accurate and KNOWING of trusting in the guidance that I have experienced in the 6 years of my souls journey. THANK YOU!

  • I feel so blessed to have been introduced to Eloise by a very dear friend. My Soul reading with Eloise was just so beautiful. She completely reinforced and confirmed that I was on the right path and has given me so much confidence to believe in me. Her reading made me very tearful but they were very happy tears. I am thoroughly enjoying her Seraphim Angel course level one and I cannot wait for level two at the end of June. Thank you Eloise you are such a beautiful soul

  • Dear All, Eloise is an amazing person who works from the heart. I received a thorough and complex reading which installed in me, not only my own pathway but the extend of the reading was inspirational and up-lifting. A truly gifted lady who works with different light ray and more to bring forth the truth. Love you special lady… X

  • The soul path reading with Eloise was absolutely mind blowing. The information kept flowing and flowing, bringing my questioning into perspective and to hear and feel a confirmation of the next steps in my life. Authenticity with a rare skill made me feel so many steps closer to my soul path and I feel guided and lovingly connected. Thank you so much Eloise for sharing your magical gifts in service.

  • What an amazing lady. Sometimes we all need a little hand holding and Eloise manages to gently guide you and reveal all that is needed for your absolute greater good. Everything that is directed your way is done with kindness, compassion and amazing insight. One of the worlds shining stars

  • Eloise is an incredible woman who works carefully and in-depth to help you tune into your own very best options and paths ahead. I have worked with Eloise regularly for more than two years and she has helped me to develop my own intuition and to make massive progress in my professional and personal life. She has helped me to find clarity and guidance where needed. She provides insights that are clear and helpful and healing where needed. She is a valuable part of my team and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for insights, understanding and healing.

  • Once you start working with Eloise, it is difficult to stop! She is so intuitive and supportive happily passing on her knowledge and teachings with genuine love and grace. I feel so lucky that our paths have crossed as Eloise has been my teacher and inspiration for Angelic Reiki, Seraphim Healing, Womb Rites, Journey’s into the heart and Space Clearing. I have also had an intuitive reading which has absolutely blown me away and experienced first-hand how powerful her healing is.

  • Eloise is an incredibly gifted healer and intuitive, she has vast amounts of knowledge and wisdom which she shares easily and without Ego which is so refreshing. I highly recommend any service offered by her. I have experienced and also witnessed so many transformations in people she has worked with including myself. Five star rating from me!

  • Eloise is a genuine lady whom through her life has sought spiritual knowledge. She brings her teachings naturaly with love, passion and conviction. Eloise has a unique grasp of spiritual connection as well as a great understanding of the ascension process, connecting with ascended masters and creator Angels. I have received guidance, healing and teachings from Eloise. I am very confident to say that she is talented in all of her spiritual aspects and is no doubt a teacher of teachers. Eloise is Confidential and impartial in her appraoch I highly recommend Eloise as a teacher, healer and intuitive life coach. Thank you.

  • Eloise is an incredibly gifted healer and has helped me immensely today with a profound and accurate reading that has helped me make sense of the challenges I've been experiencing. Everything she said resonated and her voice is gentle and supportive and healing in is own right. She helped me see a way forward and has given me much hope and I'm so grateful that I was pointed her way. A wonderful and moving experience from a shining light. Thank you Eloise Your reply

    — Jo Mc Clements