7 Step Vortex Program

7 Step Vortex Program

One of the greatest miracles of the body and the mind is their ability to connect to the core within, a place of deep consciousness and existence. 

Your body is a conduit of cosmic energy, your mind is the bridge between body and soul, and consciousness is a great curiosity, a study and something that can provide valuable information into the nature of existence.

Many astonishing physical and mental feats have been achieved and demonstrated by Yogis who have successfully mastered and controlled their life force energy.

They have done this primarily by awakening and gaining control over the cosmic energy residing within themselves, in the form of what is called Kundalini, a coiled cosmic force lying dormant within.

knowledge of 'what chakras are in context' to 'how they affect you as an individual' is an essential tool that enables you to harness all of that latent power and potential residing within you.

But all of these have one thing in common...

Breath, Prana, or life force energy -

Welcome to the 7 Step Vortex Program:

It strengthens and enhances the quality and functioning of respiration (Prana, breath or vital force) optimizing and activating the functioning of your chakras, along with offering a preview and preparing you for the more advanced techniques pertaining to the science and practice of Kundalini, Prana and Dhyana yog.

Power up and bliss out
Gain good health in body and mind; 

explore the great potential of breath

By the end of this course you will :

  • Experience increased life force, personal power, energy, stamina, enhanced blood circulation, a powerful immune system and detoxification.
  • Gain greater understanding of how your own mind functions and how your thought processes work.
  • Experience increased levels of staying calm, sharpness of the senses, a stronger memory and the ability to focus on tasks better for extended periods of time. 
  • Improve the quality of your body, mind, emotions and intellect by increasing the levels of life force energy or prana, otherwise known as vital force.

This is a very powerful program and sincere practice for a good amount of time will lead to faster and better results.

Disclaimer : This course should NOT be practiced if one is a smoker, uses recreational drugs or alcohol. We are also not responsible if the techniques are practiced incorrectly. Before beginning, please consult a doctor in case of medical conditions such as hypertension, heart problems, brain disorders and other critical medical conditions that you are diagnosed with. Exercise due discretion and practice steadily without applying undue strain and effort.

Table of Contents

Understanding the Chakras
First Module : Your Roots
Second Module : Cosmic Consciousness

Power up and bliss out
Experience and explore the power of yogic breathing and bliss out to the harmonized flow of yogic breath