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Did you know that your body and brain can be healed by uplifting art and inspiring words? Would you like to sculpt your brain into new neural pathways of inspiration through affirmative art and writing? Please join me!

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A Deeper Approach to Affirmations

Rather than choosing a positive affirmation from your conscious mind, why not invite your deeper mind to help you find your most inspired affirmation through spontaneous art making?

I have created a visionary art practice that anyone can do. This challenge invites you to create a spontaneous higher vision card every day, for five days.

As you create your visionary art cards, I encourage you to contemplate what each image and word means to you by creating an affirmation. Then, learn how to amplify the good feelings that your visionary art card and affirmation brings into your body and brain!

Art + Neuroscience

How could you envision your brightest future? This free five-day art challenge will support you to create a series of visionary art cards that will help your brain to anchor an inspiring healed, whole and inspired vision of your life. 

Using the principles of neuroscience combined with visionary art and affirmative writing, I look forward to sharing how you can resculpt your brain away from past pain conditioning and towards a joyful future!

Vision and Create
Your Highest Future!

The Challenge in a Nutshell

1. Spontaneously create 5 visionary art cards.

2. Choose one visionary art card to focus upon for 30 days.

3. Create one affirmation, inspired by your favourite visionary art card.

4. Repeat your affirmation 10 times a day for 30 days.

Vision and Create
Your Highest Future!

Writing: Affirmative Journaling for 30 Days

Sculpt your mind and body through the power of repetition. Affirmations are exercises for your mind. One positive affirmation, written with elevated emotions for 30 days, will biologically and neurologically transform you into the person you want to become.

Since your body only understands feelings, it can be convinced that you already have what you are affirming. When you elevate your emotions through daily affirmative writing, the future you want to create can be experienced in your body NOW!

Sitting in genuine gratitude for your desired creation embodied, repeat your affirmation every day for 30 days. Done with deep dedication, this daily journal process will change you on the inside, and transmit the new signature of you out into the world.

Uplifting your emotions, through daily affirmative writing, will support you to transcend the pain of your past, help and heal the present moment, and create a much more inspiring future!

30 Day Affirmation Journals

A beautiful journal always helps me to complete my 30-day art and writing practices. I have created a series of beautiful 30-day affirmation journals for you HERE

Table of Contents

Preparing Your Collage Materials
Day 1: Creating a Silent Space for Change
Day 2: Creating "I Am..." Affirmations
Day 3: Stretching Beyond the Known
Day 4: Faith in a New Future
Day 5: Proclaim Your Future Self NOW!
What's Next?

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

Once you've enrolled, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you need.

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Vision and Create
Your Highest Future

Having Trouble Envisioning Your Brightest Future?

If you are having trouble envisioning a bright and inspiring future, you likely have unhealed pain that is needing your attention first. If you find this Visionary Art Card challenge too difficult to complete, I invite you to explore my course, "Healing Trauma With Intuitive Art" to gently identify and interrupt your trauma loops, and clear the trauma lenses that you habitually view your life from.