Energy Clearing with the Violet Flame

Energy is everything. When we connect with another person, no matter how briefly, we create a cord of etheric, psychic energy that connects the two. The stronger the emotions, the stronger the cord.

This is fine when the emotions are good but what if it goes bad? What happens when we end the relationship? What happens when we go off-line? What happens when the interaction is done?

We're still connected to them.
We can't get them off our mind, we can't stop loving them or hating them, or they keep interfering with our peace of mind. We might even keep repeating the same cycles with them again and again.

This meditation uses the power of Archangel Michael and the violet flame to protect us and cut the cords to the things that don't serve us anymore. Note: the violet flame only cuts negative energy and the positive energy remains. If you have a toxic family member, this cuts the cord to toxicity and keeps the love.

The violet flame is a gift from St. Germain and the Divine, a powerful ray of spiritual energy that encompasses love, mercy, justice, and transformation. It helps us break negative patterns and karmic situations so we can develop spiritually.

After this meditation you may have stronger boundaries, feel lighter and free, feel more like yourself, AND shifts and changes in your relationship with that person.

Recommended for

  • Empaths and intuitives
  • Expired relationships
  • Energy vampires and narcissists
  • Toxic relationship dynamics
  • Psychic protection
  • Social media recovery
  • Deflecting the evil eye

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Table of Contents

Opening Sacred Space
Violet Flame Meditation

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