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become a better YOU when you create a positive tiny daily habit

i believe amazing things happen one tiny step at a time. one day at a time.

i believe doing something every single day not only builds confidence, but improves your skills. in fact, it's totally impossible not to improve upon something that you work on every single day.

most importantly, i believe EACH and EVERY one of us can take a tiny step towards a better self, every single day.

in this course, i'll help you set up and maintain a tiny daily habit.  and we'll have fun doing it together!

we'll start on december 27, 2015 with 5 days of pre-habit lessons (at least one lesson each day) to get you totally ready to be a tiny daily habit champion.  after you complete those lessons, you'll be ready to start your tiny daily habit on january 1, 2016.  i'll be right with you for each of the 31 days in january and then once each week until the end of march.  you will have access to class materials for as long as this site exists, but i will only be active in the classroom through the end of march 2016.  you and your classmates can cheer each other on all year if you wish!  

You can join at anytime!  BUT, the only catch is that you will have to do the 5 days of pre-habit lessons before you start your habit.  so you will wait 5 days to actually start your habit, but you will be filling those 5 days with lessons to set your stage.  I really think if you put in the work for the first 5 days of pre-habit lessons, you will set yourself up for success and make your tiny daily habit that much easier to maintain.  After your 5 days of pre-habit lessons, you will get one lesson a day for the next 31 days.  

before you start your daily habit, you will have 5 days of pre-habit lessons in which you will:

  • choose what habit you want to work on and find the why
  • set yourself up for success with triggers, preparation and rewards
  • choose your method of accountability and tracking
  • choose your power boost and embrace the ugly. 
  • what to do if something happens and you miss a day. 
  • create a commitment contract with yourself (and it will be pretty!)
  • pssst.  there may or may not also be a bonus challenge

after you complete your 5 days of pre-habit lessons, we're ready to go through your first 31 days of a tiny daily habit!  

for the 31 days of january*  i will have daily contact with you to encourage and help you along the way.  this contact will come in the form of worksheets, links to inspiring stories, tips + tricks i've learned in my 4+ years of daily habit keeping, check-ins, interviews, videos or podcasts and anything else i can think of. variety in the midst of repetition is good, right!? *if you sign up later than dec. 27th, you will still have 31 days of daily lessons from me, but they won't start until you've done your 5 days of pre-habit lessons. 

you won't be traveling this daily habit path alone – we are in this together! 

i'll be setting up a new habit for myself right along with you.  plus, you'll have a crowd of people working through the materials together and we will all encourage each other and help hold each other accountable.  we will have places in the classroom to post our progress and to cheer each other on each day!  whoot-whoot!  (if you prefer to chug along the daily habit path in peace and quiet without all the fanfare, that's cool, too!)

we're going to have a blast empowering ourselves and discovering how strong we are!  

i hope you'll join me in discovering that you DO have willpower.  you DO have time to work on something for yourself.  you CAN do something every single day.  you CAN improve yourself one tiny daily step at a time.  

so just so we're clear, here's what you get:

  • 5 days of pre-habit lessons to get you totally set up for an amazing tiny daily habit (and an even more amazing YOU)
  • pretty pre-habit worksheets to help you get really clear on your plan.  
  • a check-in / pep talk from me every day in january, 2016. (if you sign up after dec. 27th, you will still get 31 daily lessons from me, but they won't start until you've done your 5 days of pre-habit lessons.)
  • a check-in / pep talk from me every week in february and march, 2016
  • tips and tricks to help you maintain your daily habit well after our class is done.
  • lots of habit-forming friends cheering you on
  • new-found confidence and strength
  • a new skill that you build for yourself every single day (you're going to get SO good!)
  • periodic surprises from me (think snail mail, printable encouragement, etc)
  • a behind the scenes look at how i'm doing with my new habit
  • lots of resources to help you with your tiny daily habit and to keep you inspired

i do hope you'll join us!  GREAT things are going to happen for us!

still have questions?  email me!

don't miss out! 

join the tiny daily habit crew.  create and keep a tiny daily habit. and create a better you.

Do I have to be present at a certain time to get the lessons?

Nope. You will get an email when a new lesson is posted and you can check it out on this site.

How long do I have access to the course?

You will have access to the lessons for as long as this site exists, but tammie (the instructor) will only be active in the comments section of the lessons through the end of march 2016.

When can I sign up?

You can sign up anytime on or after December 27th, 2016. I recommend signing up as soon as you can so you can get started on your 5 days of pre-habit lessons. The sooner you complete those lessons, the sooner you can get started on your tiny daily habit! yay!

Will the instructor be active in the course giving feedback?

tammie (your excited instructor) will be active in the classroom every day from december 27,2016 through january 31, 2016. She will be active in the classroom every week in February and March 2016. "Active in the classroom" means tammie will be reading all comments and replying with encouragement and answering questions. She may also choose to add lessons or send an email.

What do I need for this course?

A computer (or mobile device) with internet access. A positive attitude and a belief that you CAN do this. I totally believe in you, so you should believe in yourself!

I might need some help with accountability. Will this class be able to help me with that?

heck yes! one of our 5 pre-habit lessons talks about accountability. we will help you find the method that works for you. if you want an accountability partner, you will have an opportunity to find one through this class.

is this for a 31 day habit or year long habit?

it's what you make it! you can choose a different habit each month or one for the entire year. it has to do with what your goal is. some goals can be accomplished in a month and others need a full year or so. you will get daily lessons through the first 31 days of your habit.

how much time does this course require?

The first 5 days of pre-habit lessons may require up to 30 minutes each because i ask you to dig deep and do a little thinking and planning. after that, you'll only need the time it takes to do your habit and to check in to the class lessons, so less than 30-40 minutes a day. maybe even less than 5 minutes a day if you are working on a very tiny daily habit!