The Gift of Co-Regulation: Warm, Responsive, & Balanced

How can we provide co-regulation by being warm and responsive to children while avoiding burnout? It's a tough balance, but can be done.

How do you begin to better regulate yourself as a parent, so your kids can be better regulated?

Co-regulation is essential in building the skill of self-regulation in your child.

Certain behaviors from our kids can be very triggering for so many reasons, so your calm state is even more important.

Parent regulation is more important than correcting your child's behavior.

Looks familiar, right? 

Promise, I didn't stalk YOU when I made this video.

Many of us didn't learn how to regulate ourselves as kids, so we have a difficult time regulating as adults.

Being a parent requires a significant amount of mastery over our executive functioning skills.

Listen in to hear more about why we struggle with regulation and what we can do about it.

We focus a ton on correcting our child's behaviors when they do things that are irritating, annoying, or time consuming.

Hopefully, we begin to understand it's not just about their behavior, but about their unmet need.

What about you?

What about the reasons why you are triggered by certain behaviors and not others?

What about when you do what all the 'experts' say and still don't get the expected outcome?

Then what?

What about your unmet needs as a parent?

These are important questions, because answering them honestly will completely transform your parent mindset and ultimately help you improve your relationship with your children.

What triggers you the most? What is your unmet need?

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Here are some of the takeaways:

  • Thanks for holding this space! I admire your work and how you show up in the world.

    — Erica B
  • Thank you so much for this wonderful talk! Every parent needs this! <3

    — Susie M
  • Thank you to the person that brought up experiencing time with dad, because I feel the same way with my parents... our kids grandparents. <3

    — Zephanie L
  • How do we draw the line between showing vulnerability / sharing our emotions with our kids and keeping our feelings separate, not making the child feel responsible for our emotions? This is such an important talk!

    — Kaylan H

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