The Transmission:::11 Monthly Activations to Supercharge Your Mission

What Is The Transmission?

The Transmission is a collection of 11 downloadable audios, released monthly. It was birthed under the November 2020 full moon eclipse.

The audios are a fusion of:

✨ A channelled message⁣
✨ A healing (integrates the shadow)
⁣✨ An activation (welcomes in the light)⁣

The Transmission helps you to:

⁣🌎 Become clear on your soul's mission
⁣🌎 Begin your journey of helping and healing others

The Transmission also helps you to:

⁣🌎 Raise your vibration
⁣🌎 Connect more deeply to your intuition ⁣
🌎 Connect to your galactic support team⁣
🌎 Feel a sense of peace, ease and calm
⁣🌎 Remember who you are (an infinite being of Light)⁣⁣

Welcome to The Transmission:

The Transmission is for you if:

⁣✨ You are new to connecting with your soul and your guidance, and you desire to connect to this more deeply

⁣✨ You know you are here to help others

⁣✨ You are moved by what is happening in our world, and you want to make a difference

⁣✨ You are ready to receive information about what is happening in our world, and tap into your own wisdom about your part in healing this

How The Transmissions are delivered:

The Transmissions are released the first week of each month.

The Transmissions currently available are:

💫 Transmission 1:::December 2020:::Your Home, Your Vessel, Your Karma

💫 Transmission 2:::January 2021 :::The Goddess Codes

💫 Transmission 3:::February 2021:::The Great Fall

You'll receive each new instalment of The Transmission each month, giving you space to integrate the lessons of each one.

This continues until our final transmission in October 2021.

After this, you have access to all 11 instalments of The Transmission.

Transmission 1:::Your Home, Your Vessel, Your Karma
Transmission 2:::The Goddess Codes
Transmission 3:::The Great Fall
Monthly Group Coaching
How To Join Us Live for Monthly Group Coaching
Call #1: Relationship Goals & Intentions for 2021
Call #2: Trusting Yourself & Your Intuition
Call #3: Breaking The Cycle
Call #4: The Mother Wound

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VIP Upgrade:

If you have an intuitive feeling you are on the brink of a huuuuuuge life change, and you're ready to step into your purpose and mission, I would be honoured to support you through the VIP Upgrade.

During the VIP Upgrade, I'll guide you through the process of uncovering:

✨ Your soul's mission and how you will create this. For example, previous clients have started their soul-aligned business, planned to build a retreat centre, or traveled the world.

✨ Helping you plan the practical and emotional steps needed to make this happen, including how to set up your new mission-based business, and how to phase out your current job and leave it behind and live your mission 24/7 (bye bye, muggle life!!)

✨ Plus my PR, media & branding magic* to help you get seen, brand yourself and explain what you actually do... to give you a headstart as an emerging lightworker

*magic carried over from my former corporate career in PR, and my 6 years as an online entrepreneur in the personal development space

When you enrol in the VIP Upgrade, you receive:
✨ 1 x 90-minute transformational session with me
✨ 7 days of private voice note support via Telegram or WhatsApp
✨ An audio recording of the session to keep forever

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I receive when I enrol in The Transmission?

You receive access to downloadable, 20-minute audios which contain The Transmission.

The Transmission is effectively a guided meditation. It is guided by my voice.

The audios are released monthly, starting in December 2020. This will continue, monthly, until there are 11 in total - ends October 2021 (fellow number nerd - this will be 01.10.2021).

When I enrol in The Transmission, can I ask you questions?

Yes, you have access to Monthly Group Zoom Hangouts where you can ask me questions.

There is also a VIP Upgrade, where you can enrol in a private coaching process with me and get clear on your mission and purpose, and how to practically make it happen.

How long do I have access to The Transmission?

Once you've enrolled, you'll have access to The Transmission for as long as you need. The course doesn't expire - you always have access.

You can also download the audio files of The Transmission, and keep this on your cell phone or laptop.

What is your refund policy?

The Transmission is non-refundable. However, to get a feel of it, you can listen to a clip of The Transmission on the page here.

Is this different to meditations on your YouTube channel?

Yes. The Transmissions are not available publicly. This is private access only.

If you like my meditations on YouTube, you may love The Transmission.

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