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100% Life-Enhancing

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52 weeks to make your Talents comes a True Living Reality

Your Participation
in this Online Course
is your Bold Decision to place
YOU, Your Creativity & Talents
as a PRIORITY & Choose that
it Matters to Create & Live
as a Creator & Artist !

It is a Loving Living Statement
to Affirm I Matter & Now I Choose 
to Invest in my Self
I Want to Uncover my own Unique
Vision, Creative Expression & Artistic
Talents !

You are going to Receive from this
Creative Process exactly in Proportion
of the amount of Time & Energy
you Decide to Invest in it.
The more you are Bold & Willing 
to Invest, the more your Results are
going to show up.
There is no short-cut. 
Talent does not exist without Practice!
Practice leads to Mastery
& Mastery leads to Talent !
The only Magical Element that
makes it Easier & Faster 
is PASSION ...
& I am HERE for YOU
to put the Fire of Passion ON
& Light you Up !
Come & Join ... you are never going
to regret to Invest in YOU !

This Course will Focus on what I have 
developed (2008-19) from the Original 
Painting Training (Art-Therapy)
I Receive (2001-06) from
Meera Hashimoto at
Osho Ashram, Pune
My work is more Oriented toward
Exploring Painting Connected to
Meditation, Mindfulness Living, 
Creativity & Self-Discovery

With this Course, You are Receiving

  • Weekly New Contents on Painting
    Creativity, Techniques & Exercises, 
    Practical Tips, Meditation, Imagery,
    Dance (Body Moves), Tuning, ...
    & soOo much more FUN stuff !
  • Explorations of Different Themes ::
    1 Feelings,
    the way of the Feminine (Body)
    2 Mind,
    the Way of the Masculine (Mind)
    3 Tuning into Nature
    (Matter & Energy)
    4 Space & Silence (Spirit)
    5 Know your Vision 
    (Soul Connection)
    6 Ecstasy, the way of the Heart
    (Soul Connection)
    7 Darkness & Light, the Way of
    Union (Meditation . Yin & Yang)
    8 Embody Your Self
    (Connection with Higher Self
    & Painting Challenge)
  • + weekly Newsletters to keep you
    in Fire

    (108 through the 52 weeks)
  • + 1 monthly Video meeting
    (like "Q&A, Talk on Creativity,
    Live Painting session, Sharing Circle)
  • + Community platform to Share
    your Journey, to Be Supported,
    Motivated & LoOoved
  • + 6 x 20mn Private Coaching
    to make sure you Evolve & Growth
    to make your Creativity & Talents Blossom,
    because it matters deeply to me
    that you connect fully with your
    Talents & Creative Expressions

    (6x 20mn of Skype.session
    for a 264.- CHF Total Value)

  • + Certification, if you Document 
    your Painting Process & Journey 
    that makes you also eligible to
    Access the
    Facilitator/Instructor Training

Pay once 555.–  CHF
Payment plan 2x 288.80 CHF 
Payment plan 3x 198.80 CHF
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Frequently Asked Questions

PLEASE Read FAQ, Before Enrollment ! Thank YOU :-)))

Thank YOU :-)))

REFUND :: Is there a Possibility to be refunded once I enroll ?

Please, Dear Take Note that once you enroll, there are NO REFUND possibilities.

There are Free Taster Lessons & it gives you a taste of what I am offering.

ACCESS :: How long do I have access to the course?

It's a LifeTime Access ! Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you want.

It will be always a brand New Process for you, even you do it 10 times, it has been specially designed for this Purpose !

COMMUNITY & SUPPORT :: Is each online courses do provide, a support & a community space ?

Yes. Each online courses are designed to provide you, weekly & monthly community space, where you can ask any questions & where we can meet online through Q&A &/or live video calls if people ask for it. It's Build for Interactions & Exchanges, it becomes Alive by your Posts & Sharing.

There are sections where you can get lots of support in your Process, so take advantage of those opportunities, to feel supported by me, my team & other participants as well. Let's Pump up & Lift up each of us, to make it more Fun, Flowing & Easy ... Move as an All & not Feel Alone !

DOWNLOAD :: Is it Possible to download the contents of this course ?

Yes, that's the Super Good News, you can download, All the contents, of this online course ! There are Videos & PDF a Printable versions for each Section of the Course.

COPYRIGHT :: Can I share this contents with people ?

I appreciate that you feel the enthusiasm to share your joy & what's uplifts you ... Thank You to only share the link to buy those contents.

It's a Full-Time work & I invest a lot of time & money in trainings, materials & services to share & provide quality contents with you !

As I am a Freelance Artist & take risks, I have just like you to pay for everything, for my living & also continue creating contents for you.

Contents are copyrighted & I make it consciously, at an affordable price, for EveryOne being able to buy it & Enjoy it !

Thank You, to buy this online course, I so much appreciate, your support & contribution, that allows me, to do the same toward you, providing you creativity, support & contribution !

QUESTIONS :: I still have a question, how can I contact you ?

I am happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

AFFILIATES :: How to become an affiliate & earn money ?

You can become an affiliate & earn money selling my online courses. It can be from 5% to 20% depending on the course & how many people buy the courses with your affiliate links. :: Interested in the affiliate's program, e-mail me at : :: Shakti Urmila

Order it Now !
Create & Feel Empowered
100% Life-Enhancing

One-Time Payment

CHF555 once

Payment Plan

2 payments of CHF288.80/month

Payment Plan

3 payments of CHF198.80/month

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