Yes! I'm ready to raise my vibration

The Ascension Collection helps you raise your vibration. When you raise your vibe, what becomes possible?

💫 Receive your desires - easily

⁣💫 Have loving relationships⁣ - love, romance, friends, family, clients

💫 Attract positive situations to EVERY area of our life

💫 Connect to the eternal, infinite part of you - your SOUL
(when you know you're 4,000 years old with the heart of an empress, let me tell you - it makes "self-love" and "boundaries" an absolute doddle #EasyPeasy)⁣

The 11 Activations:

Welcome to The Ascension Collection ✨✨✨
Release a Karmic Love
Twin Flame Healing
Clear Your Karma
Heal Your Soul
Heal Your Inner Child & Receive Love
Heal Codependency
Create Strong Boundaries
Find Your Purpose ✨👽🌍⚔🛡
Open Your Heart and Awaken The Goddess Within
Meet Your Future Love
BONUS: Monthly Zoom Hangouts
How Our Zoom Hangouts Work ❤️
Call #1: Relationship Goals & Intentions for 2021
Call #2: Trusting Yourself & Your Intuition

Yes! I'm ready to raise my vibe ✨💫

The Ascension Collection is a hand-picked selection of 11 of my most powerful, potent meditations, healings and activations

💫💫We're talking light codes💫💫

💫💫Ascended masters. Archangels. Goddesses.💫💫

💫💫The Galactics. The Pleiadians.💫💫

By listening to the 11 activations, you connect to these beings. You download their wisdom. You expand. Elevate. Rise. You raise your vibration.

What becomes possible for you EXPANDS.

You CHANGE. Rapidly.

It's Quantum Leaping. It's collapsing time. It's bringing your 10-year-vision self to you, RIGHT NOW.

It doesn't matter if you don't understand this logically.

If you feel drawn to this...

Feel excited, lit up and energized...

And you KNOW this is for you...

THAT is your guidance.

THAT is your next step.

Don't just take my word for it. Try it.

Listen to The Funeral of Light: Farewell to the Old Self.

Here's how:

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This activation is my gift for you. There is no charge.

    Busy? I get it. Listen to 2-minutes of The Funeral of Light here:

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    And raise your vibe ✨💫

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    As a course client, you will have access to monthly group calls to support your ongoing healing.

    During the calls, you will:

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    ✅ Ask for support on your specific issue

    ✅ I'll answer as many questions as I can

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    Value: £100 per group session
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    Your Questions:

    How long do I have access to the course?

    Forever! Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you need. So devour it all in one go or take things slow. It's up to you.

    I still have a question, how can I contact you?

    Send me an email at Or, slide into my DMs on Instagram (@cheryljmuir). Happy to answer your questions about the course and how it supports you.

    What's your refund policy?

    We are confident in the course material and this process, and for this reason we don't issue refunds.

    Yes! I'm ready to raise my vibe ✨💫

    About Cheryl

    Cheryl Muir is a leading expert in relationship patterns and specialises in helping creative women overcome their dating drama fast. Cheryl is the creator of The Dating Drama Empowerment Method and The 6 Dating Drama Archetypes. Through a combination of these models and her powerful transformational coaching, Cheryl frees women from a lifetime of painful patterns in love and relationships.

    Cheryl is based in the UK. She has been featured in The Daily Mail, Metro News, Bustle and Woman’s Own magazine, as well as top-rated podcasts including The Confused Millennial, Addicted2Success, and The Ashley Hann Show.

    To learn more about Cheryl’s work, visit or follow Cheryl on Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.