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Instructor Training Program

The Art is 4 Every1 (AI4E1) painting and instruction method was developed over the 25 years of teaching that began when I took on the challenge of teaching acrylic painting at a long term care facility. Since that time, my unique, customized and adaptable method has been taught to students ages 8 to 102. I have used this painting method successfully in a variety of classroom settings ranging from dementia units to the very popular "painting parties".

The AI4E1 Instructor Training is a course for artists who want to use their art skills to teach others the joy of creating art. Now you can use my method to teach new students how to go from “photo to finish” in a few short lessons.

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Student artists from all walks of life benefit from learning to paint with my method. Whether you desire simply to teach art to kids, teens or adults or whether you are inspired to work with mentally or physically challenged groups, either way you will find this training opens up a whole new career path for you with endless possibilities. Go to to see more student paintings.

Here are some amazing paintings done by a group of women at a recent painting party:

Course Description

The online program is broken into eight modules: Color Basics, Other Colors, Reference Files, Painting Method, Breakdowns, Instructor Skills, Choose Your Class, and Marketing & Business Building. 

In these modules you will learn how to:

  • customize this innovative painting method to the age, ability and experience of your student;
  • create a positive, uplifting and therapeutic learning atmosphere for all students;
  • teach in a group setting while also providing enriching 1:1 instruction;
  • receive real life teaching experience with feedback;
  • solidify your use of the primary colors and color wheel to create any color in the world and bring harmony to a painting;
  • work from a small number of colors to generate all others reducing your supply costs;
  • manage your students, supplies, and sales with ease;
  • market yourself effectively to organizations and facilities in need of art classes;
  • advertise, promote and share your classes to create a steady flow of eager students; and
  • build an art instruction business on your terms with a proven support system behind you.

There are more than 40 lessons, 13 comprehensive exercises, quizzes, and tons of experiential activities that will improve your knowledge of color mixing, painting instruction, classroom management, efficient and economical use of supplies, marketing, and business building.

Included in the course are new color mixing videos as well as newly expanded material on social media, marketing and building and growing your new business.

Lessons are released every week and conclude with 30 minute live Q&A sessions covering any questions about the material you have learned. I am only an email away throughout your entire course as well so you will never feel alone, lost or behind.

Imagine what it will be like to honor and nurture the inner artist in your students while deriving an income doing what you love.

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What our instructors say:

  • I am very excited to have the opportunity to make a career doing something I love, and being my own boss isn't so bad either.

    — Mandy Thompson

  • The 'Method' allows folks to play with lines, shapes, colors and concepts while being released from the scary 'drawing' and 'being creative' aspects of 'art,' and lets them surprise themselves with lovely paintings. The satisfaction level is a delight to see manifested.

    — Nancy McBride
  • The instructor training was a surprisingly easy to follow, structured outline of how to teach "teachable students”, as well as hands on instruction to those that may not fall into that category. The marketing to new students of this technique was added so that someone with newly trained skills could go out and start actively pursuing a position as an art instructor. And you are given the added benefit of having an organized support system behind you.

    — Debra Boston
  • I found the training program to be stimulating and inspiring and the technique one that could be used with anyone. Breaking the process down into small manageable steps eliminates the fears and insecurities that beginners often feel helping them to become more comfortable and confident with each new painting. I think the training was well worth the investment of time and money.

    — Mary Nolan
  • I followed the step by step business plan and it was very successful for me.

    — Dolores Cowden

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