Strengthen Your Design, Volume 3

What's this Class all about?

The study of composition and design can go on and on with new approaches depending on different art materials and subject matters. This class will break down High and Low Horizon, S Curve, Grid, Circular, Strata, Cruciform and Radial composition for you to understand. You will use a viewfinder with magazines as your art material and apply your work in a sketchbook. These sketches can be great references for larger works in all mediums.  Working with simple concepts that can be built upon in so many ways. 

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Table of Contents

Preparing for this class
Supply List
Horizontal Composition in Vertical Format
Horizontal Composition in Horizontal Format
S Curve, Grid Composition
Circular and Strata Composition
Cruciform and Radial Composition
Wrapping it all up

Frequently Asked Questions

When will this class start?

Start when you register and goes till forever.

What if I can't get on or in ?

The thing to remember is you have to login. So always go to after you are registered and login...then you should be brought to Course site I created.

How will this class function?

Each student will need to come to the dashboard section of the Coursecraft format to retrieve the lessons. There is notification that the next class is open for viewing the videos and downloadable lessons.

How long do I have access to the course?

You will have access to the class for a Year.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

What will I learn in this Class?

Using simple materials, as magazine, sketchbook, glue sticks, sandpaper, viewfinder and scissor you will learn about 8 different composition Which will help you view and create better art by the understand of a solid foundation of the composition used mostly by artist and graphic artists.

How does this class progress?

Each week you will receive an email with lessons and a video. There is Seven weeks in total with prep-arrangement.

Is there online support during the class?

Yes! there is a comment sections at the end of each weekly lesson for you to add comment or questions. I will also invite you on to my private Facebook Group, " Lonecrow Collage Studio" You can connect with other students and share your progress. Link below.

Why only Magazine?

I would like us to use only magazine, though I know there are many great papers to use in collage and mostly the ones you make yourselves. I find that we get side track when we do that. If we have all the same materials it helps us stay on track and really understand what is being taught here. Later after class please do explore this process with other paper, that is the direction I would hope for you.

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