"What does it take to become a mixed media artist?  I fully believe that with an excellent foundation in skillset and the correct materials, that practice is the best teacher.  The 10,000hrs to mastery rule applies to many things and I believe art-making to be one of them. Add a heaping helping of confidence and trust to that practice and you will become unstoppable" C.Lovisa

This course is designed to take you from zero to hero in 8 short lessons,  while mastering 6 essential mixed media skillset exercises.  You are in great hands with your master mixed media instructor, Christina Lovisa, who after 15 years of teaching has experienced every question a student might come up against.  Her teaching style is steady and thorough as she addresses all the questions you might have as she explains and teaches in a demonstrative style.  

The flexibility in this lifetime access course is insurmountable.  Take the lessons at your own pace and complete between 1-6 (or a gazillion), tiles of each skill. In the last video, you will learn how to join them to create your own tapestry of creativity.  

This is a one-stop shop for mixed media skillset.  Great for beginners, teachers, and experienced artists alike.

Skillset Mastery Tutorials
Getting Started
Skillset 1 - Getting started with paint!
Skillset 2 - Textures, textures and more textures!
Skillset 3 - Basic Collage
Skillset 4 - Fine Collage & Printing It
Skillset 5 - Assemblage and Adding Elements
Skillset 6 - Layers, layers and can you believe, more layers?!
Pull It Together Lovisa! - The ART of Completion

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

Forever! Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you need. So devour it all as it is released or take things slow. It's your choice!

What if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

Well, I would be sad for sure, but I cannot issue refunds. In order to see if my teaching style is for you, I encourage you to watch the FREE video on Image transfer. This is my gift to you.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at or best, find me on FB messenger (Christina Ingrid Lovisa), where I am an active participant with a FREE group I manage called Open Studio with Christina.

When are all the videos available?

This is a drip model program until September 2020. Each Friday a new module will be released. After September 4th, the full course will be available right away.

Anyone can master skillset! Are you ready? Let's GO!

Still not convinced? See what my students have to say...

  • Christina has been an inspiration to me as a new artist. I have been mainly focused on encaustic art for about three years. As with many new artists, during the covid lockdown, I was looking for something to do and lacking inspiration. Christina kindly donated an hour of her time every morning throughout the whole isolation session to host FB sessions of an open studio. This helped to inspire, lead and excited us to continue to create and expand our artistic journey. Christina lead with a deep passion and honest willingness to share what she actually could show us online . I was so inspired by Christinas arts and her enthusiasm I too, started creating her type of mixed media art. In a recent showing in our local galley her art style was actually referred to as punk art. This confirmation inspired me even more to continue on this journey with Christina. Christina has an ability to lead you and guide you but ensure that the students find their own direction, which may be different solution but always a leaning process. I continue to express my gratitude to her for being such a giving, dedicated instructor and mentor to us all.

    — Rhonda, BC, Canada
  • Christina has a natural way with teaching, intuitive. Not only does she has a feel for color, style, and balance you will find yourself grasping these foundations. What could be better?

    — Tessa, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
  • Christina is that joyful mix of magical and practical, affirming and challenging, that you hope to find but seldom do. Since meeting her many years ago I have taken her workshops every year and will continue to do so - always learning, always expanding, always advancing my art.

    — Denise, ON, Canada
  • Christina has such a natural, positive energy to encourage any kind of artist at any level to create beautiful art and feel so proud of your accomplishments. Her tips and techniques can be used on so many platforms and incorporated in your own way. So good for the mind and soul.

    — Tracey, ON, Canada
  • Dear Christina, I’m sending you a zillion Thankyous from the bottom of my heart. You have saved my soul , durning this time of Covid. Your generous sharing of your time , and knowledge. Your art inspires me on a daily basis, I have learned far more, from your teaching, and hands on attitude than I could even begin to express. Every workshop is sooo exciting! I yearn for more of what you will offer at the next class, along with the tips, and endless possibilities of what can exist, that did not exist , before we pick up a pencil, paint brush or crayon. I find myself watching the clock, not wanting to miss one minute of your classes, Thank you again, I think you are just, AWESOME!

    — Illona, Washington, USA
  • Christina is a great and generous teacher. Her way to explain is clear and simple. She help us learn to trust ourselves, trust the process and learn what we need to ask ourselves to go further with our creation. Her teaching is more than technical, than the" how to". You learn a way of being an artist, a way to become a unique creator of you divine self.

    — Lucie, QC, Canada
  • Christina's online classes have been a blessing for me over these past few months. They have helped me move forward and strengthen my work so much thanks to her teaching skills and the generosity of all the information she has so openly shared with us. Thank you Christina!

    — Judy, BC, Canada
  • I can't say enough about Christina's teaching! She has a vast amount of knowledge and she's not afraid to share it!! She breaks things down so you easily understand, makes it fun and enjoyable! You always want more and she always has so much more to give!!

    — Amanda, QC, Canada
  • I've taken several courses with Christina and they are very inspirational. Learning so many different techniques and how to put it all together has been wonderful for my artwork. Her approach to creativity makes her classes a lot of fun - thanks Christina!

    — Heather, ON, Canada
  • I have been taking art courses with Christina Lovisa for several years now. Having had to temporarily step away from art after having kids, Christina has helped me reawaken my creative self while teaching me new skills and techniques so that I can move away from my former use of toxic materials into the world of encaustics. I always look forward to her next class and come away every time feeling fulfilled and re-energized with new ideas and a renewed confidence. I highly recommend Christina’s art courses for anyone looking for a positive space to explore and create!

    — Suzanne E., ON, Canada
  • Christina cuando te conocí y empecé a ir a tus talleres de arte no sólo era la instrucción y técnica tú siempre diste y das todo el conocimiento desde lo más profundo de ti. Tú siempre me has animado a dar más de mi a creer en mi y al mismo tiempo siempre me has recomendado libros, grabaciones y todo lo que tú has ido logrando para que yo experimente mi propio crecimiento. Gracias por ser parte de mi vida de mi crecimiento personal y profesional! Eres una gran artista y amiga!

    — Dulce T., ON, Canada
  • Christina taught our encaustic class in okanagan. It was a three day intensive class. Christina taught with integrity, honesty and with a great sense of personal connection. She created a safe and creative environment where student could make mistakes learn and rejoice in the process. Love you Christina! I would take a class from you anytime. Online or in person. Mandy Rollins Mixed media artist Okanagan valley

    — Mandy R., BC, Canada
  • Absolutely love Cristinas online classes. They are easy to follow and full of tips and suggestions for taking your mixed media art to the next level.

    — Meg, ON, Canada
  • I've been studying with Christina for over 4 years and keep coming back for more!! Beginning with encaustic painting and more recently mixed media Christina carefully explains each method step by step. During classes and workshops she challenges her students to explore each new technique and if comfortable encourages us to push our individual boundaries.
    Christina's famous mantra is " don't worry I've got you" !!! Christina's winning smile and enthusiasm along with her creativity make each session so much FUN!

    — Margo, ON, Canada
  • I have taken several workshops with Christina. I think what Keeps me coming back is her willingness to show her vulnerability, her authenticity, her generosity, and her commitment and support to each of us! She’s taught me to let go of things I may be attached to, and take risks without fear to open a space for something better! In her words (and tattoo), she always assures, “I’ve got you!”

    — Linda, QC, Canada
  • I have been taken classes from Christina for years. Her creative and enthusiastic approach to teaching is inspirational. Her ability to draw out her students creativity makes each class an exciting adventure we all take together. Christina is a beautiful soul who shares her talent and skills freely with her students. Her classes are my happy place, and I am excited to continue my art journey through these challenging times. I would recommend her classes to anyone interested in exploring their creativity in a fun, supportive atmosphere.

    — Terri C., ON, Canada

A Few Words From and About Christina

"I believe in letting my art speak my truth for me. I know that when I am open to playing with art and craft supplies my skillset will produce for me, my curiosity will propel me, my discernment will be my guide and my intuition will interpret the vibration of my soul's voice"

WELCOME TO MY STUDIO where skillset is built, curiosity is encouraged, discernment is nurtured and truth in creativity is explored.


"WELCOME TO MY STUDIO where skillset is built, curiosity is encouraged, discernment is nurtured and truth in creativity is explored."