We have been programmed to believe that we have to find our "one" to be happy. That our lives are not complete unless we have a partner.  That's bullshit.

Single doesn't mean you're weak. Single doesn't mean you're defective. Single doesn't mean you're incomplete. Single doesn't mean you can't build an amazing life. It's okay to be single. On purpose. 

Single is actually the best time to build a better you. Because when you're in a relationship, it's easy to put someone else before you. It's easy to forget about your needs, what you want, what you deserve, and who you want to be. 

It's time to make it about you

Connecting Back to Self

I tell my clients that growth is sometimes more about a reunion than anything else.  As life happens we stuff parts of ourselves into a hope chest.  Many of us had to grow up fast.  Take care of our siblings.  Pay bills.  Some of us got married way to young.  Had kids.  And in the process, we disconnected with ourselves.  Our potency will always live in our connection to self.  It's time to connect to ourselves again.  Or maybe for the first time.

What Self Care Looks Like

Self care is a popluar term many throw around these days but rarely practice.  In this lesson, we go over what self care really looks like and how to intergrate it into your life so that it's sustainable.  It's time to redefine what self care means and practice it in your daily life.

Those Voices Are Not Yours (Be Kinder To Yourself)

Most of our voices were formed from others like our parents, friends, society, and older versions of oursevles that are honest to us anymore.  It's time to drown out the voices that are not yours and start listening to the true you.

Self Care Meditation

A self care meditation I created to connect to body and self.  To allow myself to give me what I need.  So that my stance is strong and I can give more to others.  It's time to mediate daily.

How to Deal With Loneliness

Loneliness is a real thing.  But it doesn't define you.  You are no lonely.  You are feeling lonely.  In this lesson, I teach you how to allow those feelings to pass through you without lablels or judgment.   It's time to stop feeling lonely.

Meditation Walk

A visualization meditation I create for your night walks, something I do often.  It's time to believe in the power of visualization and the practice of feeling as if your dreams have already happened.

Friends & Family (Changing The Dynamic)

Now's the time to re-evaluate your relationships and determine who is sharpening you and who is bringing you down.  Who is championing your story and who is stunting your growth.  We can't change people.  But we can change the dynamic of our relationships by changing ourselves, our actions, and our energy.  And by doing so, we can change people.  It's time change the dynamic of our relationships.

How Forgiveness Unlocks You

This is one of the greatest life tools you will ever have.  Because people will always hurt you.  That will never stop.  If you don't have the abilty to truly forgive, you will always walk with resentment.  This will lower your frequency and you won't be living at your potential.  It's time to learn how to forgive.

Redefining Dating

Just because you're single on purpose doesn't mean you can't date and meet new people.  But if you do, you should definately go into it with this new mindset.  Because the dating landscape these days can create frustration and experiences that you internalize, which can form false beliefs about yourself and your value.   It's time to have better dating experiences.

The Importance Of Meaning

Many of us hate our jobs / career.  In this lesson, we talk about adjusting and creating work that means something to you. It's time to hang your work on meaning.

Your Safe Tree

Our home is not just a place to sleep.  It's our safe tree.  A place where we reboot and recharge.  In this lesson, we examine what your safe tree is like and what we can do to make it a place to reboot.  It's time to make your home a home.

My 3 Entrepreneural Laws

The three entrepreural laws that have helped me build a full practice, two companies, and my platform / brand. It's time to redefine what being an entreprenuer looks like so you can start creating.

Structure & Routine

Nothing can be built without some form of structure and routine.  In this lesson, I share my own daily structure and routines.  It's time to create a rock solid stucture / rountines into your life so you can start building cool shit.

Flow States & New Experiences - Dissolving False Beliefs

Two very important layers to thread into your daily life.  In this lesson, I talk about the importance of creating these two states and how it dissolves our limited beliefs.  It's time to start dissolving your false beliefs.

What Makes You Valuable?

We have been programed to believe that our value comes from external things.  Achievement.  Appearance.  Money.  Things outside of self.  It's time to re-evaluate your self worth.  So that you stop chasing and start believing in your value, which will create more opportunities and self worth as well as net worth.

Daily Life Mindsets 

6 Mindsets that I try to live by.  These mindsets will reposition you to live an inside out life instead of an outside in life.  Holding onto these mindsets will change your life.  I promise.  It's time to start living higher.

There is homework with most of these lessons.  

15 Lessons & 7 Assignments

Welcome / It's Time To Make It About You
Homework #1
What Self Care Looks Like
Those Voices Are Not Yours (Be Kinder To Yourself)
Homework #2
Self Care Meditation
How to Deal With Loneliness
Homework #3
Pee break / Grab a beverage
Meditation Walk
Friends & Family (Changing The Dynamic)
How Forgiveness Unlocks You
Fuck Your Identity

Let's do this.

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