Self care is imperative in our society today. Whether you are a teacher, parent, business person, therapist, first responder, grocery clerk, you know that when you get stressed you need a time out--and time to take care of yourself. 


You want to learn about how to implement self care in your life. You are stressed, feeling burnt out or fatigued and want to put steps in your life that work to prevent that. You want to feel more relaxed, expressive, and connected with other's


  • You'll learn the different domains of self care and how to find time to fit even as little as 30 seconds of self care time into your life. 
  • You'll learn about yourself, assessing where you need to expand your self care practice and reflect on important that is in your life.
  • You'll learn how to make a self care plan for you and your children or students if you have them.
  • You'll learn different activities that you can engage in to help refresh, renew and relax yourself.
  • You'll learn mindfulness practices that assist in self care.
  • You'll about the 8 Domains of Wellness and how self care is more than just a piece of chocolate when you are stressed.


  • Unlimited Online access to this course
  • The Self Care Assessment
  • An easy to use monthly self care idea sheet
  • Resources for you to reference for planning your self care plan
  • Mindfulness techniques
  • Simple and inspirational journal reflection prompts 

You are worth the investment.

Your Instructor

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