School of Soul Medicine

Transformation is the Medicine

It's so beautiful to desire focus and want to take intentional steps towards the abundance and joy you seek. And I know you're already taking these steps. The best part of this journey you're on is the renewed clarity where there was once confusion and suffering. And because you're on a soul mission, you want to know how it all comes together. It's so powerful to want a clear path. 

This type of inner work closes the gap between who you want to be and how life is currently showing up. It gently and so clearly illuminates where we can heal, express your truth more and take aligned action where there used to be fear. Transformational work isn't a clear-cut map, because you are too unique for a step-by-step plan. What it always does is offer you a new program to follow, a new way of being that will bring you to where you seek. And this process work is what you get from this membership. 

This membership is not a 6-week Bootcamp that feels epic in the container then leaves you feeling lost at the end. It is the living and breathing practise that pulses in your soul. 

But you need to step into it, intentionally, to receive the medicine. And when we step out of the work, we can forget. And in your forgetting, you revisit old patterns, and ways of being that are not you in your truth. The real you is in direct connection with Source, God and Creator. This is the home we continually seek to come back to. 

And along the way, we navigate the self.

The one that voice talks to, and who hears the voice talking.

The one that is aware of herself, almost seeing herself outside of it all peering in.

And with each new level you seek and reach, is the urgent call of the soul to come back to the teachings that woke you up in the first place. To remember who we are. 

Because, #realtalk, you've got BIG PLANS for your next steps in your journey. You have magical medicine to bring to the world that you know you're ready to embody. ​And sister, we are waiting for you! This space has been intentionally set to support your vision + path by giving you the exact teachings to expand your light, leadership and purpose.

So...I'm basically a spirit+science junkie who love to work in the woods 😂

#Legit when I tell you I channel our meditations and teachings from the woods, I mean that😎. I'm a die-hard novice bird watcher, and you'll find my books on physics and energy mixed in with field guides and random art work from my 3+5 yr old girls lol. I get excited when I smell coffee, laundry fresh off the line, dirt in the spring and come fall I'm obsessed with make soup. My neighbours are well fed!  

I'm also obsessed with always questioning what we've been taught, thinking beyond our limits and making damn sure I manifest my greatest gifts in this lifetime. Nothing is more powerful than a life well lived and loved. And for me, this starts and ends with 

Who am I in this world? 

What am I here to do? 

And from here, we transformation begins.

4 Powerful Pillars to Guide your Transformation

What We Do in this Membership Group

I'm all about the meta, the woo, Spirit and the BIG ideas. But at the end of the day, I thrive knowing the practical and concrete parts of a process. I want to know what it actually looks like once I hit enrol. What will we actually be doing? I bet you're wondering the same thing right about now. 


->Live monthly calls for accountability, check-ins, direct teaching, feedback and coaching so that you feel clear and aligned

->Monthly masterclasses (recorded so you don't miss a beat!) to support moving through sabotage, fear, working with your own energy to create more flow (to name a few!)

->Bonus tools + trainings to support your vision in business; how to stay visible sans #burnout, creating offers that sell and how the F to get started without the #overwhelm   

->Powerful process work to shift stuck beliefs holding you back, learning how to set (and NOT forget) boundaries, goals and have your desires met

->Live Weekly Office Hours to check-in and get 1:1 feedback (GAMECHANGER!)

->Feedback Fridays, direct answers to the questions you've had come up throughout your week. You'll be tagged personally in the live, so you can save it and access anytime

->Access to a free 4-week meditation course that lays out meditation in 4 foundational steps #easy

->Ongoing and growing library of resources to move through in your own time (curated meditations, teachings on mind management, energy reports for the month, manifesting and law of attraction teachings)

At the end of the day, you get Qualified+Certified SUPPORT to bridge the gap between the spiritual teachings and the REAL LIFE application they have in your unique situation (I mean, what does detachment really look like when you're launching a program??) 

What the sisters are saying....

Powerful Pillars + The Process of Transformation

We've been taught the key to happiness is following certain rules. And, sister, these rules will never get us there....

We've learned a backwards approach. Get the education, find that job, get married, buy the house, get the raise, have the 2.5 kids, THEN you can have the things you've been told you want and THEN you'll BE happy. thanks. 

We've seen this model break down and over and over again, leaving us feeling like nothing is working, we can't break out of our negative cycles and wondering: Is this really it? 

No sister, it isn't. 

We were taught what we were supposed to want, but not how to tune into how to be with it all, access our truth and live outside a box. 

Every single tool and process work we share here is directed at our deepest level of change so that the results are lasting and you feel safe stepping into change. No more starting and stopping. You receive the foundation to truly step into your next level with confidence, clarity you need and grounded in purpose that is unwavering.

Learning how to listen + know what is true

Being able to access my aligned truth and using my intuition has been the #1 resource that allowed me to leave my old job, create epic programs that sell out, and begin my 2020 year with an incredible 5 figure month in business. 

It's taken me TIME to get here and the sisterhoods and group spaces held my focus when I wanted to retreat and doubted my worth. We are, after all, human. We crave support, love and acceptance. We deeply need

 -accountability for our vision

-a safe space to be in our transition

-a place to witness what is possible in collaboration with community 

-sacred circle, ceremony and ritual to bring us back to our truth, our light and our vision

-a mentor and guide to walk with us (that's where I come in, sister)

learning how to be who we came here to be

There's a TON of talk in the online space about embodiment. And I LOVE it all. But I also know there are a few watered-down versions of what it ACTUALLY is. Put suuuuuper simple: When it comes to your vision, the embodiment is about BEING the living and breathing activation of the very medicine you offer. Why does this matter? 

Your soul totally KNOWS if you're in alignment and integrity. 

Your vision is YOU and because of this it is only fully activated and unfolded when YOU are activated in your highest potential. Getting you closer to this point is the journey.

And it works. Every time. Show up, do the work, feel the shifts. 

Experience the results.  

Your Teacher + Guide

I've been in this work of transformation, healing and personal growth for about 20 years. One of the teachings I share is that you don't need a piece of paper to qualify you- you are qualified in your experience + conviction. 

With that said, I personally value working with coaches who embody their work and take the time to invest in professional development. That matters to me, and I'm gonna bet it also does for you! 

I use certified modalities I have spent time and energy to learn, practise and master over time. Life+Success coaching along with the power of Neuro-Linguist Programming (one of the most POTENT modalities for deep, lasting shifts), Inner Engineering Level I through Isha Foundation, 12Month Business Program, YTT200 and more than I have space to write here! Bottom line. I take time and space to intentionally uplevel my teaching, coaching and own healing.

I've been teaching for 15+ years, you're in good hands, sister XO 

You are getting a professionally curated experience to give you the true transformation you need.

Who is this membership group for?

If you've been resonating with what you've ready so far, trust this. This is for you. That said, I work with visionaries and emerging leaders; women who are ready to sink deeper into purpose, while learning how to let go of old habits, patterns and ways of being that keep them playing small, feeling restless or sabotaging the good. I work with women who are ready and willing to show up to change and who know what they want. This membership group goes beyond just dropping in meditations or journal prompts for you. We meet for live calls, go through powerful monthly process work and support one another in our vision.

What will I actually learn in School for Soul Medicine?

How to break negative patterns of thought, belief and action. AKA, learn how to shift yourself on the deepest level so that you can get the momentum, clarity and consistency you need to have what you want--a better relationship with yourself, your partner, move your biz forward, gain clarity on your next steps. -Morning Alignment practises you can do, even if you're soooo dang busy in the morning -How to get the MOST out of your meditation practise, even if it's 10 minutes a day -The essential building blocks + foundation to receive; more money, more visibility, more clarity -The KEY foundation for alllllll the inner work you will ever do

Will I get support for my business?

Yeppers. You will also have access to members-only 1:1 sessions, so that you can have the level of support you need to fine tune your path. Business runs when we run, getting YOURSELF in alignment is everything. All the strategies mean nothing if we aren't able to actually use them. If you fear of going live, yet you KNOW it's going to allow more visibility (aka more leads and options to share your medicine) there's a block here. We support this so that you CAN go live and feel confident.

Do I have to sign up for a set time? What's the commitment level?

This is a monthly membership, which means it is a living and breathing sisterhood circle and course. Join anytime! The hosting platform I use insists I give you a set timeline of payments, which is set to 12 monthly payments. You can renew or opt-out anytime. Buuut:::: >>>The BEST way to actually get what you desire is to ditch the story, "I'll join for a month and see how I feel". I SOOOOO get this story (used to run it!). The problem with this is we're using an old and limiting mindset. The most EPIC results my clients get is when they make AT LEAST a 6-12 month commitment. TBH, we've been in our patterns for yeeeeeears! It's of major disservice that we only give ourselves one month to 'see how it goes'. THAT SAID, if you really want to opt out you are 100% in control of this choice~. But, you'll love it anyways, so let's celebrate that first!

How are the payments structured? Can I EMT if I am in Canada?

The payments are automatically and securely done monthly via credit card or PayPal. EMT's are tricky for me to track and keep on top of, so they are used for full 12-month membership and are required to be paid in 1-2 instalments. You can email me directly at for this arrangement. For those that opt for the full payment, you receive a bonus 1:1 Intensive for the deep-dive support to get you fully aligned in the work

Is there 1:1 Support?

Yes, yes and yes! You have the option to get that. You will have access to sign up for special, members-only, rates for 1:1 sessions so that you can have the level of support you need to fine tune your path. I will also be hosting bi:weekly online office hours for you to pop in and ask questions, get feedback in real time! You can also pop in to Office Hours and get 1:1 feedback!

Are there live calls?

Heck yes! This is my JAM and also what I am MOST excited about. Being in circle, listening to each other share, heal and raise our vibration TOGETHER is epic! And, TBH, chances are my founding members will get extra live calls slotted in because #ThatsHowIRoll!

I want to join, but I need to get my sh*t together first! I don't think I'm ready!

Sister, I'm gonna speak straight soul-to-soul here. That's exactly WHY YOU JOIN A GROUP LIKE THIS! Getting your ish together is the exact reason WHY you get support. You're held, loved and supported no matter what. You're ready. Because, #truth, we don't suddenly wake up one day ready and changed. It's a process and the sooner you get INTO the container that supports that, the sooner your sh*t will come together!

I feel like I have questions, but I don't know what they are?

Haha, yep, now you're heading down the rabbit hole of the mind. Been there, babes. The question is: Are you wanting support with your spiritual journey and the vision you have for you life? Yes? Join. #EasyPeasy LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

I don't know if I can make the live group calls? I don't know if it's still worth signing up?

Yes, you still sign up. The live calls are just ONE part of the experience and some people find they get way more out of the intentional process work, or the audio trainings, or the masterclasses. Sometimes you won't make the calls and that' s okay and not a reason to take yourself out of the game.

When will the group calls happen?

I always try to make sure the times we pick work for everyone. The calls will take place on or the day before/after the New Moon.

you've made it this far, here's what could happen next

The next step you'll take is clicking on the enrol button to see your membership options. You will plug in your email to get access, super easy. That will bring up the different ways you can be supported in your membership. Click on the one that feels most aligned right now. 

Then, you can choose either PayPal or CC to snag the membership links (see FAQ's for EMT info).

The value of this membership is EPIC! I am so excited for you to follow your heart, follow through and step in with us! 

We Are Waiting for YOU! 

The School for Soul Medicine is OPEN 

Foundation Membership: Monthly Membership Group Calls

12 payments of $97/month

Yearly Membership with Bonus 1:1 Session

$1,150 once

VIP Membership with Monthly 1:1 Support; Intensive + Voxer Support

12 payments of $497/month

Table of Contents

Welcome! Pop in here first!
Live Sisterhood Call Dates
Call Replays March 2020
Visioning 360
M2 Upgrading Patterns
M3 Embody + Express
M4 Rise + Expand
Meditations + Guided Alignment Practises
Bonus Guest Speaker Masterclasses
Bonus Teachings
Common Q+A

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

Forever! Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you need. So devour it all in one weekend or take things slow. It's your choice!

What if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

Well, I would be sad. But if you're really unhappy with the course, just email me within 10 days to get a full refund.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

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Foundation Membership: Monthly Membership Group Calls

12 payments of $97/month

Yearly Membership with Bonus 1:1 Session

$1,150 once

VIP Membership with Monthly 1:1 Support; Intensive + Voxer Support

12 payments of $497/month