Sarah Tamar Blue Rose Healing Empowerment

Sarah Tamar Blue Rose Healing Empowerment

Sarah Tamar the Blue Rose and Holy Grail, said to be the daughter of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene a divine child who was karma free and created through sacred union. Sarah carries the combined gifts of her parents utilising the healing frequencies of their Christos and Sophia codes. She worked with crystals, herbs, sound, dance and sacred oils. Sarah continues to share their work of The Way of Love as we move into the New Golden Age. 

In our workshop we will prepare for The Lions Gate 8/8 Goddess portal we will travel in meditation with Sarah Tamar to Egypt to the pyramids and the sphinx and to be initiated into the Temple of the Blue Rose, as we align to the wisdom of Sirius the Star of Isis and the great central sun we will clear, purify and release old patterns and programmes from our solar plexus so that we align to the new 5D earth and our highest Ascension timeline.

Sarah Tamar will lead us through the 8/8 doorway to the higher dimensions by sharing her Blue Rose healing empowerment that holds ancient Star codes and Sovereignty keys of love, strength, courage, power, truth, royalty, integrity,  abundance, faith, hope,unity, passion, and purpose.

Sarah is over lighting the new earth consciousness that is anchoring and activating among us now, she is guiding the children of the new golden age.  We are here on this planet at this time to become Divine humans in a world of polarity, to experience life grounded on Earth with our divine self’s anchored within.

Let Sarah the Queen of the Blue Rose be your guiding light and shelter as we transition into the new age. Sarah teaches us how to lovingly adapt during adversaries and initiations.

Sarah reminds you of your mission as a Blue Rose Queen or King, like Sarah you are a blueprinter you carry the blue light from Sirius, Venus or Pleiades and are a star seed of this linage. You emanate the Blue Rose flame from your aura and are under the protection of Magdalene Knights and The Order of the Blue Rose.

Sarahs Blue Rose Healing Empowerment is a Light initiation and activation to hold the light codes to awaken and activate the New Earth and align you to your highest timeline, in truth you already have these codes within you but the attunement reactivates them and enables you to access them with ease and grace. You can use this as a healing ray for yourself and for others. The emanations of this attunement are pure frequencies of love, Healing, joy and Sovereigny.

This initiation ray comes through the Sarah Tamar


⚜️ Manual by Eloise Bennett.

⚜️ Grounding & Protecting Meditation.

⚜️ Decrees for Sovereignty and removal of unwanted energies 

⚜️ Sound cloud Meditation and Distance Chi ball Attunement.  

⚜️ After completing this class you can work with Sarahs Healing Empowerment in your healing practice and if you are a teacher you can pass this attunement on to others.

  • Blue Rose and the Order and Knights of Mary Magdalene This felt like an initiation into the order and Knights of Mary Magdalene. It was a beautiful day of healing and sharing. Eloise gave us a beautiful attunement and it felt very magical. Eloise is so knowledgable on the whole Divine Feminine and she shares this information eloquently. We did cards, anointed ourselves, and journeyed deep inside really connecting with our own Divine Feminine. Learning how both parts the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine were feeling inside ourselves was very powerful too. Beautiful day and shared with fellow sisters. Eloise also provides a manual packed with information and tips.

    — Pippa Rose
  • I joined Eloise’s Magdalene Feast Day celebration 2020 where She offered a Knights of the Magdalene and the Order of the Blue Rose workshop and attunement that served me to deepen more explicitly into my relationship with this Brotherhood and order of the Blue Rose. I loved being in her class (as a teacher it is lovely – and important - to be a student as well.) Eloise is a friend, sister, colleague and teacher of the Rose Path. I highly recommend her work.

    — Holly Rhiannon - Awakening Avalon Temple
  • Thank you Eloise for a Really a magical experience and practical for the time we live in. I Loved it and am very grateful and filled up my cup today after 6 months parenting ❣️🌹💙

    — Babette Lockhart
  • Sooo beautiful and powerful Eloise, Thank you sooo much for this experience. I am Deeply grateful ✨♥️🙏🏻💫

    — Maria Angelica
  • I took Eloise's guided journey with Sarah Tamar for the 8/8 Lion's Gate, as well as her Blue Rose Ray Healing certificate and I have to say that it was one of the most powerful, empowering, & divine journeys that I have ever experienced. Eloise created such a beautiful space for potent connections with divine beings of light and healing attunements to occur. I found her style of teaching to be incredibly refreshing, supportive, and in a way that allows you the freedom of your own experiences. While the journey was done mostly on our own, Eloise was always available for assistance and questions. She is a lovely soul to connect and communicate with. I am grateful for the work she is doing to provide opportunities for others to find their way. In Love & Gratitude.

    — Jamie Mendez


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Table of Contents

Manual By Eloise Bennett
Personal Preparation for Healing or Attunement
Create a Sacred Space for Healing and Attunement
Sarah Tamar Blue Rose Zoom Replay 8/8 2021
Receive your Sarah Tamar Healing Empowerment
Course Mentoring, Intuitive Life Coaching and Healing.
What you need to do to become a certified practitioner and receive a certificate
Your Professional Healing Practice
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