Revive: A Devotional Journey

In this two week devotional journey you will take time as a homeschool mother to spiritually revive your vision, your soul and your home 

Each day contains a bible verse, mini podcast, devotional reading and practical ways to respond

Your Devotional Journey includes:

Ready to Revive?
Getting started
Reviving Your Vision
Being Revived - It's probably not dead, it just needs water
Remembering Promises - Words are worth fighting for
Understanding Calling - Perception shapes practice
Writing Dreams - What you see is what you get
Living Purposefully - How to bring definition to your day
Reviving Your Soul
Engaging Expertise - How to find a flawless life coach
Seeking Wisdom - Who you turn to influences what you turn into
Killing Comparison - How to put soul before scroll
Overcoming Weariness - Why His promise is bigger than your pain
Working Together - You can't work well until you walk well
Reviving Your Home
Speaking Life - Why words create worlds
Losing Limits - Their future is bigger than you think
Loving Infectiously - How to lift the lid off love
Moving Forward - When the end is just the beginning

Make Time to REVIVE
Start your journey today

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