Raising Babies With Allergies

Want to join us?
$187 USD

Want to join us?
$187 USD

Want to join us?
 $187 USD

What happens when I press ‘buy now’?

After your payment has been processed (which can take a few minutes) you’ll receive an email from me confirming your enrolment. The program itself starts on 29th May 2017 (and you’ll get another email then letting you know when the first module is available).

(PS – Haven’t received your confirmation email? Sometimes it might end up in your spam folder, but if it’s not there, shoot us an email on support (at) raisingbabieswithallergies (dot) com and we’ll get you sorted as soon as possible.)

I’m really busy over the next month… Should I wait ‘til later to do the program?

No. You’ve got lifetime access to the materials, so even if you can’t get through everything right now, you’ll be able to dip back in whenever you’ve got more time. More importantly than that, however, my experience with mums has been that most are shocked at how much of a difference they can create in a relatively short time. So even if you can only implement some of the steps, or can only cook a couple of basic healing recipes to begin with, your child can be benefitting (and their little body growing stronger and healthier) even if you can’t go the “full hog” just yet.

How much time do I need to devote to the program?

The materials themselves take between 2 – 3 hours per week to go through. But the results come from implementing what you’ve learned in your normal cooking time and lifestyle habits. You’re already spending time doing this anyway…so now, you’ll just be doing things a little differently (and likely, more effectively), and with excitement and motivation.

I don’t live in Australia – can I still join?

Of course! Some of the brands and stores we recommend might only be available to Aussies and New Zealanders, but there’ll be plenty of online options and international resources too. Plus you can always jump into the online group to ask myself and your fellow mums for recommendations.

Am I going to be spending my life in the kitchen?

Absolutely not! If you’re unfamiliar with the cooking techniques we cover (such as slow cooking), it might take you a little extra time to get up to speed. But once you’ve had a little practice, this way of feeding your child can be easily worked into your existing cooking time, and is a cinch to prepare in bulk or in advance. Everything I share in this course, I did while raising a family of two boys (who are now 5 and 2 years, on a whole foods diet), managing a business, and still having time to watch my favourite reality shows (hello, The Bachelorette!).

What kind of allergies do you focus on?

All recipes cater for dairy and soy allergies. And even if you suspect your child isn’t intolerant, it’s a great idea to avoid these triggers during the initial phase of your journey, to see if you note any changes in your child’s health. As an example, with my eldest son, I didn’t relate his recurring ear infections to a dairy intolerance. As soon as I removed it, however, the ear infections disappeared and never returned. His constant runny nose also cleared up and he got less bugs from day care, thanks to a stronger immune system. You’ll also find plenty of information and recipes addressing all the other traditional allergens – including wheat, gluten, eggs and nuts. And if you suspect a sensitivity to other food groups like salicylates and aimines, there’s advice for you here too. Of course, learning how to nourish your child while avoiding these foods is only half the goal of this program. The real power comes when we take it to the next level and you learn how to HEAL your baby’s gut, so that eventually they can enjoy a wider variety of foods without discomfort or reaction.

I already know my baby has food allergies, and we’re on an elimination diet…isn’t that enough?

No. Elimination doesn’t heal, but nutrition does! Elimination (for a period of time) and nutrition combined helped my son to overcome most of his sensitivities very early. Because I wanted his recovery to be as quick as possible (and didn’t want him to be on a severe restriction diet forever) I also looked at health holistically, finding the right practitioners, products, and supplements to accelerate his healing journey. With a deliberate healing regime, I was able to calm his overactive immune system and restore his gut lining, which is what led to his amazingly fast turnaround.

What if my baby is on medication for their allergies – can we still do the program?

Yes. Nothing in this program is designed to replace medical advice or treatment. And the principles you’ll find within can be complementary to a prescribed treatment program. With my own baby, I chose to not put him on medication and instead pursued a nutritional approach to healing. While this worked wonders for us, every baby is different and it is no one’s business but your own what you do for your bub. That said, if you’ve been unsatisfied with the medical approach to allergies and other health issues, or are not experiencing the kind of results you want, or simply want to cover all your bases so your child has the best possible chance of healing, this program will be of great value to you.

My child has allergies, but is older than a baby/toddler. Will this program still be useful for us?

Yes. It’s never too early or too late to start. While mums with young babies are covered, the whole program applies to children of all ages (adults too) – understanding a balanced diet, gut health, supplements, reducing the chemical load, eating out with allergies, etc are relevant for the whole family. We also have recipes specifically for older children including, lunch boxes and birthday party recipes. In particular, you’ll also find the expert interviews that tackle nutrition and holistic healing incredibly insightful for the whole family. This course is designed to grow with your family and thats the beauty of these carefully developed recipes and meal plans.

My kid already has a few health issues…have I left it too late to help them?

No way! We all have to start somewhere. I made a whole bunch of mistakes with my eldest, but I turned them around later in his life. There is no place for guilt either, we just didn’t know better. That said, the sooner you can create a healthier lifestyle, and start filling them up with nourishing, healing foods, you can reduce – and possibly reverse – your child’s symptoms. You’re also putting them in a much stronger position to prevent issues from developing in the future. So from the bottom of my heart, please know: it’s never too late to make a big difference.

I already feel rushed off my feet… Is this really going to fit in with our busy lifestyle?

YES! I know how draining it can be to try to feed your child with foods that don’t make them sick, while ALSO trying to keep everyone else in the family fed, full, and happy… It can be exhausting! The goal of everything in this program is to make your child healthier and your life easier. So, for example: you’ll learn cooking techniques that will eventually become second nature. You’ll learn how to tweak one recipe a bunch of different ways. You’ll learn how to set yourself up for a healthy week with a simple ‘make-ahead session’… All of which is to say: I know what it’s like to be at breaking point, and this program is designed to work with your lifestyle and help you get back on your feet again. Promise. Its also so rewarding and you will feel so proud of yourself. You also have to think where you want to spend your time. For me, investing time cooking nutritious meals outweighs endless hours waiting in a doctors office for another prescription or soothing an irritable child… And a healthy, happy kid actually makes motherhood enjoyable!

I’m pregnant and haven’t actually had my baby yet. Can I still join the program?

Absolutely, the timing is actually PERFECT. The principles you’ll find inside will help you prepare for breastfeeding (if that’s your chosen route) and teach you the principles of nourishing your bub with low-irritant, gut-friendly, vitamin- and mineral-rich foods. If you or a family member have suffered from allergies yourself, this will be particularly valuable for you, and can help you get your bub as robust and healthy as possible, right from the get-go. (I wish this type of program had been available when I was pregnant!)

Are you a doctor?

No. Nothing in this program is meant to replace the treatment and guidance of a qualified health professional. Please feel free to seek advice before signing up. And as with everything in life, please exercise common sense when implementing this program: if something doesn’t feel right for you or your child, don’t do it. Always tune into your mother’s instincts. It’s there for good reason. And that goes for any recommendations you are given by anyone! The information in this course however is backed by practitioners and nutritionists.

Do you offer a guarantee?

I certainly do. If for some reason you aren’t satisfied with the program, I’ll give you your money back – no fuss, and no questions asked. All I ask is that you watch the first 2 videos in Modules 1 and 2 so you know what you could be missing out on. If you’re not completely in LOVE then simply email myself or a team member and we will process your refund immediately. Just note we have had 0% requests for a refund and in fact the course has been rated 9.3 out of 10 for satisfaction and relevancy from the last round of mums.

Want to join us?
$187 USD

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