Praying the Promises Workshop

If you are like me, praying God's word is a no brainer. Right? 

Right... except when it comes down to it, many of us struggle to find a system for consistently praying God's word that actually works. 

When I polled nearly 2,000 readers on what obstacles they encounter when it comes to praying the promises of God, every single response fell into one of five reasons. 

Five lousy barriers that hinder us from praying God's promises for our lives, our children, our churches and communities, our ministries, our world. 

This Workshop addresses those 5 common obstacles and covers:

  • How to pray a promise from God's word in 3 simple steps
  • The no-fail way to remember to pray each morning (this is so cool!)
  • How to pray God's word throughout the day using your emotional triggers and a simple wristband
  • Prioritizing your time so you are devoting ten minutes to prayer a day
  • Overcoming negative emotions that hold you back from praying God's word
  • And more!

The workshop provides you with an organized plan for systematically praying the promises of God. 

I've also included a one page cheat sheet of the promises we use in our 40-Day Praying the Promises Classic Challenge for quick, easy referral. The goal of this workshop is to get you praying the promises found in God's word ... so let's get started!