Pregnancy and Infant Loss Education

Welcome to Pregnancy and Infant Loss Education.  This course will identify types of perinatal loss (miscarriage, stillbirth, and neonatal loss) and their rate of occurrence in the United States.  We will discuss fatal diagnoses during pregnancy and introduce decision making and planning strategies for families coping with a fatal diagnosis during pregnancy. This course will also cover topics such as infant loss, infertility, grief, stigma, myths and misconceptions.
We will discuss primary and secondary loss and mental health concerns associated with pregnancy and infant loss (i.e., anxiety, depression, and PTSD).
We will also identify ways to help families grieve and make keepsakes. You will be provided with many resources such as online resources, books, articles, and films. You will be asked to watch and review two important films, Return to Zero and Don’t Talk About the Baby. You will also be asked to identify local resources within your community.