This course is now closed for enrollment. Stay tuned, I will be releasing it as a self-paced course you can go through (without the community aspect) in the next few months.

Do you feel lost in the mundane details of life?

Want to feel more mindful and connected to something larger than yourself, but unsure where to start? Are you looking for practical tools to start living a more sacred, intentional life, like meditation, journaling, Tarot and more?

Then my new course, Practical Spirituality, is for you. I’m Catherine, a writer, life coach and spiritual mentor for sensitive humans. My expertise is in helping people discover sacred connections, deep intentions, and magic in their lives. With this course, I’ll be teaching you tangible, practical ways you can begin to invite in more spirituality into your life — whatever spirituality means to you (you get to decide)!

Taking this course will bring you into a deeper relationship with yourself and the world around you. You'll learn to use tools from energy work, read Tarot to gain insight, and to deepen your spiritual connection by journaling and meditation. You'll walk away with a tangible, doable spiritual practice that you can sustain going forward to help make everything feel just a little more sacred.

This course will open for registration March 1st and will begin Monday, April 5th, running for six weeks.


  • Guided meditations to drop deep into inner knowing and get you in touch with your intuition
  • Customized lessons to help you explore what spirituality means for you
  • 1-3 lessons a week on a themed topic, from how to create a sacred relationship with nature, to how to begin to learn to read Tarot, to creating an altar or sacred space in your home
  • 3 live lessons with Catherine: A live Tarot workshop; a New Moon intention-setting circle; and a group sharing and Q&A call (replays and recordings provided for all)
  • A private non-Facebook community to share your questions and goals (on Slack; not required to take the course, if it ain’t your thing)


  • Learn tangible spiritual tools and practices like meditation, Tarot, energy and altar work
  • Have a clear understanding of what spirituality means to you and you alone
  • Learn my spiritual practices, and how my own personal spiritual awakening unfolded
  • Dive deep into a sacred connection with yourself and the world around you
  • Deepen your intuition and sense of connectedness to something larger
  • Get guidance on how to create a sustainable and custom spiritual practice

The modules:

Each week, you’ll get between 1-3 lessons in your inbox with different assignments, reflections or practices to do on the following themes:

Pre-work material: My spiritual awakening + my spiritual practices

Week 1:  Discovering and connecting to your life path + purpose

Week 2: Learning different kinds of meditation + journaling techniques for deeper attention, mindfulness and sacred time

Week 3: Learning Tarot for self-discovery (and live Tarot workshop!)

Week 4: What is energy, and how can you work with it?

Week 5: Rituals, altars, and sacred space + routine

Week 6: Creating a sustainable spiritual practice to move forward

Bonus: How to begin cultivating a sacred relationship with nature

There will also be 3 live calls on the following dates for the Spring 2021 cohort of this course:

Sunday, April 11th, 3pmET: New Moon Intention Setting Circle + Ritual

Saturday, April 24th, 1pmET: Tarot Workshop: How to Read Tarot for Yourself

TBD: Creating a Sustainable Spiritual Practice + Group Q&A

All calls will take place on Zoom and will be uploaded to the course portal afterwards for reference and replay.

How it works:

The course runs for six weeks but you can work through the content at your own pace. Every week, you will receive 1-3 assignments of varying length in your inbox, a mix of written content, recorded videos, experiential practices and assignments, guided meditations, and more.

The lessons and materials will be hosted on my e-learning platform which you’ll have lifetime access to. So you can do the course live as it’s sent out, dip in and out, or work through it later on your own as you see fit.

What do I need?

All you need is a journal (I recommend buying a special one!), a writing tool, headphones for the meditations, and a wifi-enabled device to receive the lessons and attend the live calls (if you like! not required to attend live). It would also be great to have a Tarot deck as I will be teaching Tarot, but not necessary; you can download one of many good Tarot apps onto your phone to experiment. (I recommend the store Little Red Tarot to find a deck that you like, if you would like to buy one!) 

We will also be going over setting up altars + sacred spaces, but you can acquire the materials for your sacred space over time, and that will be a very individual and personal process, so no need to buy fancy crystals or anything right now.

Do I need to be on Slack?

I will be hosting a private group on Slack for folks to share, connect, and ask questions along the way but it is not at all necessary for doing the course so no need to join!

Do I need to be a spiritual person or have a spiritual practice or even “know” what spirituality means?

Nope! You don’t need to be a spiritual person at all, and more importantly through this course I’m not going to try to convince you that you should be one. What I will offer are ways to open your heart to curiosity and tools for creating sacred moments, places and connections in your life. 

When do we start and what does it cost?

The course opens for registration on March 1 2021 at an early bird price of $127. Two weeks later on March 15 it will go up to $197. I will have payment plans and 3 scholarship spots available!

You will begin receiving lessons Monday April 5 for six weeks.

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Who is your teacher?

My name is Catherine Andrews, and I’m a life coach, Reiki I/II, Tarot reader, writer, podcast host, messy human with messy emotions, and teacher on self-discovery, intuition, and authentic living. After being a strict atheist for most of my life, I had a bit of a spiritual awakening in my late 30s and have since created a nourishing, gentle spiritual practice and belief system.