Pendulum Practitioner Course

In January 2012, I stepped into the world of Pendulums and never walked back out.  This amazing and versatile tool has supported me through countless years of spiritual and magical work, and I can't wait to share what I've learned with the rest of you.

In October 2017, the first incarnation of this course was launched to the public.  Sadly, I archived the course in May 2018 as Wilder Wombyn moved on to other projects.

I'm happy to say that the course is back with even more information than before, but at a lower price!

The course is 100% online and you can work at your own pace.  We have a private Facebook group to support you on your journey and help answer any questions you have along the way.

With 30 lessons, just over 9 hours of video/audio and hundreds of lines of text, this is by far the most comprehensive course on pendulums that you'll find today.

Throughout the course, we'll cover:

  • Historical uses for pendulums
  • Reading basics
  • Connecting with Spirit Guides
  • Advanced reading techniques
  • Using pendulums in your energy work
  • Using pendulums in your tarot practice
  • Dowsing for lost objects
  • Using pendulums in ritual
  • Reading with Spirit Boards
  • Offering professional pendulum services

And more...

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Who is this course for?

When I first started learning to use pendulums in 2012, I had a hard time finding books or online courses.  I ended up taking a local class, which was a lot of fun, but I wondered if I would have had the same opportunity if I didn't live in a large city.

Fast forward 5 years and I still had trouble finding an online course that took you through a journey with your pendulum.  Everything I found was a basic blog post on reading (half of which had misinformation included).  

What you see here is a culmination my experience and experimentation with pendulums.  I built a course I wish I could have taken when I started my journey.

  • Are you looking to expand your intuitive abilities?
  • Have you always wanted to work with pendulums, but didn't know where to start?
  • Are you in need of a versatile tool for your healing or magical practice?
  • Do you have a pendulum, but just aren't sure what to do with it?
  • Want to learn an easy way to communicate with your Astral Guides?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then this course is PERFECT for you!

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We’ll cover 5 modules with 6 lessons each (a total of 30 lessons). The recommendation is to spend at least one week on each module, but you can take as much or little time as you need to move through the course.

The modules and lessons are as follows:

Module 1: History & Uses of Pendulums
1-1: Course Introduction
1-2: How Pendulums Work
1-3: History & Uses of Pendulums
1-4: Materials & Types of Pendulums
1-5: Purchasing a Pendulum
1-6: Making Your First Pendulum
Module 2: Getting to Know Your Pendulum
2-1: Pendulum Care, Cleaning & Storage
2-2: Connecting to Your Pendulum's Energy
2-3: Reading Basics
2-4: Crafting Your Pendulum Grimoire
2-5: Calibrating to Your Pendulum (Getting Authentic Answers)
2-6: Dedicating & Un-dedicating a Pendulum
Module 3: Intuitive Reading with Pendulums
3-1: Let's Get to Reading
3-2: Asking Open-Ended Questions
3-3: Connecting with Spirit Guides

Along with this course, you get access to our exclusive Facebook group where we can all get together and chat about course content and ask questions. 

This is the ONLY course like this available, so if you've been wanting to dive into the world of pendulums, don't wait any longer. 

I can't wait for you to join us, lovely.  Brightest Blessings to you, -Cory

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