I'd like to think we are all honest people, but truthfully, I am dishonest. 

😞I am dishonest about what I really want to do or don't want to do. Instead, I people please. 😳

For better or worse, life has a way of calling me out. 😤Like the time I didn't think I ate too much and gained five pounds. 😩

Or the time I said it was okay to be treated unkindly, and nearly lost a relationship in the process. 💔Humbling.

🤦🏻‍♀️ We say or do things we don't even know for our own self-protection. 

🙅🏻 I would like to think I am more honest, but again, life shows me there will always be another rung on the ladder to climb.

Now I work on loving myself for who I am. I hope you aren't too hard yourself either. 😘

If you beat yourself up about your weight- 🤜🏻 If you berate yourself because you think you should be farther along 🤷🏻‍♀️- I've got your back.

I have your back because I am you. 🦋 I have not only been there, but I am still there sometimes, in the trenches, just maybe one or two rungs ahead. 

Take my hand. We'll go there together. 🐥🐥 Love, Stephanie 🎶

What comes with this program?

  • 4-week program with weekly eCOACHING with Stephanie
  • reading materials
  • templates to use currently & beyond the program's reach *complimentary copy of Weight Loss - The Peaceful Way

You Can Change
These are tool for living well.

  • Just talking to you brings good things. You have a beautiful spirit.

    — Madeline Mignon
  • I am inspired just talking to you.

    — Sarah Palmer
  • I'm SO glad you came and also for all of your beautiful feedback! Dan and I were both so inspired and impressed by you. You are so insightful and wise and an amazing coach! I am so glad you're stepping more into this calling, which feels so right for you!

    — Jodi Chapman
  • As we’ve worked more together, I become even more comfortable in endorsing you. Your work, your attitude, your enthusiasm, your reliability, your professionalism – and so much more – have earned this. I will never minimize another, but I will definitely give you credit where it is due.

    — Beth Piazzeck

Peaceful Weight Loss is knowing you can love yourself through discomfort knowing that other ways of eating inform, not dictate what is best for you.

Peaceful Weight loss develops your inner voice. You learn what feels right for you, often by trial and error.

Peaceful Weight loss means considering your own needs as you make changes that support the life you desire.

Peaceful Weight loss is listening to your body and heart. You learn the language your heart whispers as opposed to waiting until it has to yell to have your attention.

Peaceful Weight Loss is learning to honor what is most important to you - allowing others to do the same.

Peaceful Weight Loss is standing up for how you wish to eat - no matter what others are doing or saying.

How is this online course unique or different from other weight loss courses?

This course takes into account your highest values with a proven and repeatable method of aligning your life to what is most important to you. This is unique from other plans which only focus on food.

Who is the course for?

Peaceful Weight Loss Online Course with eCoaching is for a smart woman who knows what to do. You could probably have a Ph.D. in nutrition they know so much. However, working with emotions is the most significant challenge, even if you have gone the traditional therapy route. You are looking for something different, another approach.

Why should I buy this course from you and not someone else?

I have been 306 pounds at my heaviest and I committed myself to the difficult work - those nights when I chose myself when no one could see. Those times when I never thought I could move the needle but took the steps to do so. I did it when no one believed in me or cheered me on. I learned to grow a big comfort zone.

What is my unique angle and spin on what you do?

I am very much a mentor/coach. I will help you see where other aspects of your life lead to your eating and then find ways to create more of a life you love. I will teach you to navigate the feelings, and with the e-coaching - you are not alone.

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