The Gift of Divorce: From Pain to Peace

Special Message from Dumari to You...

Hello Beautiful,

Are you going through a painful divorce or breakup, or suffering from the effects of one?

Are you overwhelmed by all the changes in your life?

Are you feeling drained or paralyzed by painful emotions?

Are you afraid about your future and your children’s wellbeing?

Are you open to spiritual guidance and alternative healing?

If you are, you are in the right place!

It is not a coincidence that you are here. You have been divinely guided to this course in order to know that there is a way for you to feel better and move forward to create the next best version of your life with a sense of peace and confidence.

I understand where you are because that is where I was not that long ago. So many times I felt weak by the emotional pain and paralyzed by the fear I experienced as my marriage was falling apart.

Are you saying these things to yourself?

“This is all too much for me.”

“How could he do this?”

“How will I be able to support myself?”

“Will my children be OK?”

These were some of the many questions inundating my mind, stopping me from making decisions, being there for my kids, and just functioning on a daily basis.

I am eternally grateful to my clear connection with my Spiritual Support Team of angels and guides because it was their wise guidance which helped me heal and empower myself through this most difficult time in my life.

And now it is my turn to share with you how I did this to help YOU during this difficult time.

I created The Gift of Divorce: From Pain to Peace online course to share the most helpful insights and tools I used to help me heal my heart and start moving forward to my most amazing, beautiful future-- which I am living now.

This Course Helps You...

  • Ease your emotional pain so you feel better. It's like CPR for your heart. It jump starts it so you can live again.
  • Feel calmer so that you can think clearly and make important decisions to move forward in the best way possible.
  • Make life bearable again so that you can be "present" for yourself and family.    
  • Show you how your divorce can be a blessing in disguise.
  • Help guide you in taking steps towards your new, most beautiful life.

This experiential course gives you what you need to heal the emotional pain and empower yourself to move forward with confidence, creating the best for yourself and your children during and after your divorce.

In this life-changing, simple, and easily digestible course, I share core universal principles and tools that my own Spiritual Support Team shared with me to guide me through the hardest time in my life: when my marriage was falling apart and get me to the other side (which was better than I ever imagined) with more ease.

These insights and tools helped me start turning what was the darkest time in my life into the brightest, and they can do the same for you!

With short videos that include core concepts and empowering supportive materials: easy to follow exercises, worksheets, sample scripts, and powerful guided meditations, this course benefits anyone looking to heal themselves after a painful divorce and start creating their best life yet.

This Course Includes...

  • 4 VIDEO Modules– Watch 16 video lessons of teaching content and exercises examples.
  • SAMPLE EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE (EFT) SESSIONS – Learn this powerful technique to shift fears, worry, anxiety, and anger.
  • TIPS, EXERCISES, WORKSHEETS – Go through the exercises in this course with supportive materials to help you integrate the life-transforming content in this course.
  • IMPACT ON YOUR LIFE – Your life will – bit by bit – start to change for the better. Your heart will start healing and you’ll have tools at your fingertips to help you feel calmer, more balanced and clearer instantly.
  • TOOLS - Tools to heal the pain and find instant relief to feel better, think more clearly, and experience the divine help available to you.
  • LIFETIME ACCESS – This course is yours forever. Plus you can retake it as many times as you wish. Cool?
  • RISK-FREE GUARANTEE – Join us for 14 days. If you feel there is no value, we’ll happily refund you.


  • EFT Video Sessions - to shift fears to finding love again and heal the feelings of missing your ex. (valued at $100)
  • GUIDED MEDITATIONS – Access 2 powerful meditations to help you feel calm and connect with your inner guidance.

There is something better, bigger, and brighter for you!

You are powerful, wise, and beautiful…and you came here with a purpose.

Life has something better, bigger and brighter in store for you. It’s time to move forward towards a life that you love living…a life where you are fulfilled, at peace and happy.

Your soul is calling you. Will you answer by saying, “Yes” to yourself?

We urge you to “Yes” to healing yourself and connecting with the true power within you to create the life your heart longs for.

You are not alone moving through this difficult time. We are here to lovingly help you get to the other side (which is better than you ever imagined) with more connection, clarity and comfort.

About Your Instructor

I empower individuals who have experienced divorce, breakup and major relationship transitions. 

Hi! My name is Dumari St. Angelo. 

I am a happily divorced mom of two, Transformational Coach, inspirational speaker, and the author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller, The Gift of Divorce: A Journey of Empowerment Through Self-Love

My heart-centered approach teaches connection to our True Self and own inner power to create a fulfilling happy life, supported by the universe in every way.

Using my signature “H.E.A.R.T.S Way to Your New Life” process, I guide others to heal their pain and conquer their fears and blocks to finally create a life they absolutely love with clarity, connection and confidence!

Learn more about my work at

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Table of Contents

Start Here
1. Accept
Accept... (Intro)
Accept What Is
Accept Your Feelings
Accept Yourself
The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT - Intro)
EFT - Fear of Financial Future
EFT - Anger
EFT - Worry
2. Shift
Shift Your Perspective
Shift (Exercises)
3. Connect
Connect with Your Higher Power
Connect (Exercise)
Moving Forwards
Wrap Up

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

Forever! Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you need. So devour it all in one week or take things slow. It's your choice!

What if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

Well, I would be sad. But if you're really unhappy with the course, just email me within 14 days to get a full refund.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

Don't miss out
This course can change your life!