Step by step acrylic painting tutorial.

Why have a system? That doesn’t sound very creative.

I know! Right? We’re creative artistic souls and *system* sounds so corporate! Aren’t we supposed to be escaping all that when we’re painting?

Yes, but……

Do you ever get lost and overwhelmed in the middle of a painting?

Are you unsure how to even start a painting?

Can you effectively layer acrylic paint to get rich yummy not-your-average colors?

Do you have a way to get unstuck?

Let me show you a simple systematic approach to developing a painting.

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My color mixing secrets: video demonstration.

Color mixing secrets.

Every successful painter has some kind of secret sauce that makes their paintings irresistible to some people.

Mine is color. Finding exciting new color combinations lights me up, (and the viewer as well).

In this bonus video you’ll see my exact color palette in action. My favorite paint brands and colors.

Get in on the fun.