An Aid to Osteoarthritis Pain Management Course

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Osteoarthritis as you probably well know can be a very painful and debilitating condition. It causes pain and swelling and stiffness of joints in many individuals. In addition to the physical symptoms of the condition, often overlooked are the emotional aspects which in themselves can be draining and debilitating, but together with the pain, can be very restricting for the individual. 

Confidence and self-esteem goes down, stress and anxiety can rise, and for some individuals depression can follow.

The mind and body are inseparably linked. How you feel in your mind is reflected in your body and vice-verse. If your mood is low then the pain and discomfort is felt more acutely, and if mood is higher the pain often becomes less troublesome. 

The body and mind working together produce this effect, without external influence such as medications.

Of course medications are needed for many, but they all have side effects, and as well as having the pain and low mood, those who have no option but to take medication, may also have side effects of medication to contend with too.

For many it is like an ever decreasing spiral, and the further it spirals downwards, the physical and emotional self suffers.

This course aims to provide a structured process of helping both the physical and emotional symptoms often endured by the Osteoarthritis population.

This structured Osteoarthritis course provides easy, gentle processes to help reduce pain naturally, improve mood, confidence and for many, enhance sleep. 

Within this course are.

  • Informational videos.
  • Introductory videos before each daily recording
  • 7 structured interlinked audio sessions, each one building on the proceeding one.
  • Each audio track contains imagery and suggestion. Within the course, imagery includes, the use of sound, color, light. Along with easy gentle suggestions, considerations and options of choice.  Because of this structured approach, the audio tracks are the backbone of this course. 
  • A track of ambient music for easy listening, as and when you wish to do so.
  • Easily accessed.  Daily links sent to you with that days listening.

This course is focused on showing alternative ways to helping relieve pain. It is also designed to disrupt negative thought patterns and negative expectations, and to introduce, and increase positive thoughts, feelings and expectations. 

  • Helping to learn or re-learn how to relax more easily, and to understand the mind and body connection more fully so you can use it to help yourself.
  • Bring focus on specific pain reduction processes, in addition to encouraging greater confidence, calmness and comfort. 
  • This course uses a combination of focused attention, suggestions, hypnotherapy, relaxation and guided imagery.  It is gentle, easy and enjoyable. 

This course is also structured, each day you are sent the link to the next listening automatically. Some days you will also be sent a video to watch, sometimes informational, at other times encouraging or a combination of the two. Sometimes you have none listening days too!

All you need to do, is to find a safe place to relax and listen. That’s it!

This course is specifically designed for the Osteoarthritis Sufferer. 

It does not claim to be a cure, but an aid in developing comfort in mind, body and emotion. 

It can be used alongside other treatment options or can be used as a standalone support system. If you have any concerns about using this course, consult your medical professional before using.

When you have tried everything else, consider this course.

This structured course lasts for duration of 60 days. You have access to it for 365 days from your signing up day, so if you miss a day, or go on leave, or work commitments get in the way, you have loads of time to catch up.

(And If you want the MP3 version of the program to keep after the course is finished, as a user of this course, you can purchase them at a large and special discount). 

However, right now we have made it easy to use, there are days 8 days off in the structured listening anyway, but these days off are important too, so don't be tempted to run ahead. 

You can't climb a mountain without resting, the rest is as important as the moving on.

On the days off, you are giving yourself time to reflect on what you have been listening to.

And another great thing, none of it it is live. You can watch and listen at a time to suit you. But we would advise you work with the course structure as closely as possible, just so you make the most of your investment.

And also you can revisit some of your favourite tracks when you have finished.

We hope you enjoy your journey with us. We are here to help!

The course was developed by Michael Mahoney a multi Innovation and Research award winning, medical centre based clinical hypnotherapist. He is the man behind the highly acclaimed IBS Audio Program 100 for adults which is used in over 45 countries.

He is also the author of the Emotional Recovery after Breast Cancer an award winning audio program. And he has authored many other programs specifically developed to aid recovery in mind and body Anxiety & Stress management Confidence and Self Esteem to name a few.

In July 2011 he was invited, and attended the Queens Garden Party at Buckingham Palace, that invitation was in recognition of his ‘innovative health solutions’ which he has been developing since 1991.

Michael has worked with many pain sufferers during is over 30 years in professional practice, and still works with patients each week in his busy practice. Working with both acute and chronic pain, caused by many wide and varied conditions, along with many other conditions of mind, body and emotion. 

Enjoy your journey, take your time, be patient and look out for our daily notifications and links which we hope will encourage you as you work through this course. (If you don't see them, remember to check your spam folder)

The video below...

...explains what hypnotherapy is, and is not. It isn't mind control or magic. It is a valid intervention to help with a wide range of condition of mind and body. 

Scientific research has recognised the benefits of hypnotherapy in managing pain, IBS, low mood, stress, anxiety and other areas of medical interest.

Long gone are the days of mysticism.  Now modern science is rediscovering the benefits of this ancient health intervention.  It is a gentle process, where you do nothing but find a safe and comfortable position, close your eyes and just listen to the recordings in this course. 

As mentioned above there are 7 full length audio tracks within this course. Below we have added a short clip of each.  Each clip is provided to be a short taster of the session contents.  Some of the sequencing may have been altered to give you a clearer indication of what the tracks include. 

Below is a clip from the introduction track.

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The next audio clip is from session 1 - A familiarization track.  This is included to begin the process in working with this course. All you need to do with any sessions in this course is to find a safe comfortable position, close your eyes down, and listen. It's that easy!

Session 2 within this course, is called Blanket of Comfort.  It is a very calming and soothing and takes you into the course a little further, in a gentle relaxing way. This clip indicates its gentle delivery.

Session 3 is called "Bubble & Ripples", this clip is not giving to much away, but this begins the suggestions of changing pain and discomfort. Encouraging mind and body to work together in a positive way.

Session 4 within this course is called "Feel your body with your Mind".  Getting in touch with yourself on a deeper level, helps you to understand more fully the mind and body connection.  Every thought you think produces a physical reaction. The mind and body are inseparably linked. 

Session 5 within this course is called "The room of light and authority". 

Using your imagination, or creative awareness turning down the levels of pain, changing the numbers of pain levels in creative ways.  Directly guiding you to think of ways to reduce pain and discomfort.

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Session 6 within this course is called "Sunbeams and Rainbow droplets"

Taking away the importance of the pain, and using your imagination or creative awareness to use suggestion of light in creative ways to dissolve memories and expectation of OA pain.  And much more besides!

Session 7 within this course is called "The healing waterfall".

Packed with suggestion, imagery and reinforcement of previous sessions, this recording is bringing us to the end of the course. When you listen to the full session you will become aware of how the course session are brought together. 

We hope you decide -

to take the journey with us!

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