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The Online GED Course is 13 lessons that are designed to give you the skills and know-how that you need to pass all four GED Tests. The 13 lessons are broken up into four lesson sets so that you can begin on the test you are most likely to pass first.

Each lesson has a course video, worksheet and practice test. Plus, each lesson features video answers to questions asked by real students - just like you who have already used the course to pass the GED Tests.

What's new in the course?

  • All new easy to follow curriculum - four separate lesson sets so that you can begin study on the test area that suits you best
  • All new videos - shorter and easier to consume so that you can learn faster and achieve skill goals quicker
  • All new worksheets with answers for every question - so you can check your work quickly and move through the curriculum faster
  • PLUS + New lessons, worksheets, practice tests uploaded each week - so your learning is reinforced each week


The Online GED Course has added  11 new PRE-GED lessons that are designed to build your basic skill level so you can effectively study for the GED Test. The 11 lessons are broken up into three lesson sets so that you can begin on the test areas you want.

Each lesson has a course video and worksheet. 

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Lesson 2 is free for you to try. This way, you will know right away if the Online GED Course is for you or not! Just click on Lesson 2 in the table of contents and start studying right now for free.

PRE-GED Core Lesson Group
Lesson 1 - Decimals
Lesson 2 - Long Division
Lesson 3 - Percentages
Lesson 4 - Multiplication
Lesson 5 - Factors and Multiples
Lesson 6 - Fractions
Lesson 7 - Reading Skill Comprehension
Lesson 8 - Reading Skill Evaluation
Lesson 9 - Charts and Graphs
Lesson 10 - Basic Grammar
Lesson 11 - Basic Essay
Core Math Lessons
Lesson 1 - Positive and Negative Numbers
Lesson 3 - Coordinate Plane/Linear Equations
Lesson 4 - Exponents and Polynomials
Lesson 5 - Inequalities, Factoring and Quadratic Equations
Lesson 6 - Miscellaneous Subjects
Lesson 7 - Fractions
Lesson 8 - Percents
Lesson 9 - Ratios and Proportions
Lesson 10 - Basic Shape Measurement
Reading and Writing Lessons
Lesson 11 - Reading Skills
Lesson 12 - Writing & Grammar
GED Strategy
Lesson 13 - GED Strategy
New Content
Bonus Video Section
Bonus Video Section

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Is this course up to date for the current GED Test?

Yes. The GED made its major test content change in 2014. The test content has not changed since that date. However, in the 2016, the passing standard was reduced to 145 from 150 for almost all states where the GED is offered and recognized. In 2016, the Extended Response was removed from the Social Studies test. This course is up to date with all current GED Test standards.

Do you cover the other three subjects besides Math?

Yes. The Online GED Course covers all four GED Subjects: Math, Social Studies, Science and Reasoning through Language Arts (RLA). The focus is on math because it is the test that causes most students to fail. This course covers all four subjects.

How long will I have access to my purchase?

Your purchase of the online GED course does not expire.

Is help available if I get stuck on a question or concept?

Yes. Each lesson has a comment section. You are welcome to post your questions there and you will receive a response to your questions there.

How much Algebra is on the GED Math Test?

55% of the GED Test covers Algebra. 45% of the test covers basic math.

  • "I never thought I would get my GED but the Online GED Course changed that! After six weeks, I was ready - I passed all four tests on the first try!"

    — Arturo F., Merced, CA
  • "I really like how Damon was easy to get a hold of when I had questions. He corrected my essay a bunch of times and I passed the RLA with a 172!"

    — Kulvinder S., West Palm Beach, FL
  • "I had failed the GED Math twice before I bought this course - after two weeks, I finally passed it!"

    — Haidi G., Chicago, IL
  • "On my way to nursing school now - thanks to the Online GED Course!"

    — Tanisha W., Lithonia, GA

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