Musically Montessori: First Twelve Weeks

Twelve easy-to-follow lessons featuring Video Demonstrations, Lesson Plan & Play List Downloads along with Printables, Templates and even Mp3 Music

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Hundreds of educators use this training daily!

I invite you to join hundreds of educators from around the globe who have taken this eCourse training with me, and have reported that the lessons gave them the tools for creating a successful music component in their Preschool curriculum.  

And, you can give the children in your group an important boost in their cognitive development!  Intentional, yet playful, early music experiences have been shown in studies, over the past 20 years, to bring important  cognitive benefits to children as well as a life-long love of music. 

Through singing, dancing, movement, focused listening and playing instruments your group will develop skills valuable in early childhood development. 

Like skills in:

  •  language development 
  • auditory discrimination 
  • body coordination 
  • pincer grasp (important for writing) 

Not to mention skill development in social interaction

Like skills in:

  • working (making music) with the group 
  • problem solving
  • and of course, creative expression!

This course lays out a sequential, fun, and engaging music curriculum that can be implemented by anyone who works with children. 

You've already got the most important qualification: Being able to manage a group of young children at circle. 

Easily expand this curriculum 

beyond 12 weeks!

I've offered these Lessons to my groups all year long. The children ask for them over and over.

Exclusive for you: "Classical Fun Singalongs" cd in MP3 Downloads

I am delighted to let you know that there is a music album download that comes with the course. We will be using lots of activities from one of my favorite cd's called Classical Fun SingAlongswhich has gone out of print. Fortunately, I was able to work out a licensing agreement with the authors and so I can now bring this wonderful music to you in mp3 form so you can download the music for each lesson instantly! (no extra charge)

  • "Miss Carolyn makes music fun for children aged 3 to 99. She always has a pleasant smile and a calming voice. Her patience is palpable in a class of 36 children. She is always kind and finds ways to manage a hard to handle situation. Miss Carolyn's music curriculum seamlessly blends in any program - Montessori or not. After all, music is universal."

    — Donna May (S.F. Bay Area Montessori educator, administrator, and eCourse student)
  • “I am still a few weeks behind in presenting your amazing lessons. I have a young group so a slower pace is beneficial. They do look forward to music each week and I thank you for that! Your peaceful enthusiasm in your teaching was such a blessing to me. I cannot begin to thank you enough. You have helped a teacher with no music background immensely! Each week my confidence grows more and more as I present what I have learned from you. You are amazing! Thank you, again!

    — Linda Kinson (Montessori educator and Musically Montessori eCourse student)
  • "Your music lessons are simply amazing, and so engaging!"

    — Kiran Sharma (S.F. Bay Area Montessori educator, school owner, and eCourse student)
  • Just wanted to share our joy. My homeschooled daughter and her friend are loving music circle at our house thanks to you! Here are some highlights:

    Their faces during the vocal warm ups (say no more)😂😂

    They particularly loved Old Grey Cat. I brought my grey cat teddy, my childhood toy in for the song and I added a surprise 'pounce' at the end.

    The children really lit up when I encouraged them to be creative in how they played their rhythm sticks.

    They thought it was fun to learn sign language in the goodbye song.

    The mother of the other child complimented me by saying she has never seen her child so alive during a lesson...ever!

    It's so nice to be able to share my passion for the arts with these young minds. I have been inspired to thread this kind of enthusiasm into all our lessons.

    — Crystal (Montessori Homeschooler and eCourse student)

Jump start your Music Curriculum!

Lesson Plans, Printables, and MP3 Music that you will use for years!

Weekly Sequential Music Activities to get your music program started with a spark!


from Magical Movement


Each week you will be presented with a PDF downloadable Montessori Music Lesson Plan to go along with my Video Demos of how to do it! The downloads include Printables for you to create a shelf work as a follow-up for the lesson along with links to resources and music for the lesson. Throughout the course, you will be able to download my Mp3 Downloads from Classical Fun SIngAlongs to go along with each week's lesson. You will also be invited to join the Facebook group created exclusively for this course to dialog with me and the other students in the class.

The lesson plans are based on these basic elements of music:

  • Steady Beat
  • Low and High Pitch
  • Fast and Slow Tempo
  • Loud and Quiet Dynamics

You will learn my strategies for: 

  • Group Management 
  • Engaging the children 
  • Convincing parents and administrators of the importance of your music curriculum with your group

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You can experience my style of teaching and get a glimpse of some of the music concepts for Montessori kids that I will be covering in this eCourse. 

My Workshop is being aired on Wednesday July 20th, 5:00 PM EST. If you enroll in the Summit, you can access all twelve workshops (from Montessori Educators all over the world) ANYTIME for a whole year!

Is this course for Montessori educators only?

I have designed this course for Montessori Educators. However, if you are new to Montessori, you will also find it very helpful since the Montessori approach works really well in any early childhood setting. There will be links in the handouts to explanations of Montessori terminology. And, my instructional videos show you how to implement the classic techniques of the Montessori method in your teaching strategies.

How long is this course open to students?

Once you are enrolled, you will be able to access this course for one year after your enrollment date.

When can I start this course?

You can start this course ANYTIME.

What if I decide not to take this course, can I get my money back?

Yes! I sincerely hope that you really like my course, however, if you find it is not for you, then you can withdraw. You will be eligible for a full refund if you decide after your first lesson that you would like to withdraw. Just contact me and I will arrange the refund ASAP.

Do I have to be a music teacher to benefit from this course?

No! This course is designed for all educators who want to develop their music curriculum in the early childhood setting.

Are there materials I will need to use when taking the course?

Yes! There are rhythm instruments for the children that you will need to have on hand when offering the activities to your group. You will also need to have a cd or mp3 player for the recordings we will use in the movement activities and the focused listening activities in the lessons. You can read my list of necessary materials right now by scrolling down to the section on this page starting with "Welcome".

Can I receive Professional Development credit for this course?

I do offer a "Certificate of Attendance" that specifies 15 clock hours of attendance. Students obtain this certificate by answering the questions in each lesson. That is the way I verify on-line "attendance."

Preparing for the Course!
1. Let's Begin with Procedures
2. Introducing Steady Beat
3. Steady Beat vs No Steady Beat!
4. How to Introduce a New (Seasonal) Song to Children
5. Is It High or Is It Low?
7. Do Your Children Love "Presto"?
8. Playing the "Presto and Largo Game"
9. "Piano" Means Quiet
10. "Forte" Means Loud!
11. Let's Play the "Conductor Game"
12. We Are Fine Musicians

The Benefit of Preparing...I'll Show You How


I would be delighted to have you join my eCourse and I look forward to getting to know you and what musical activities you already like doing with your group.

~ If you haven't already joined the FaceBook page that is set up for dialoging with me and the others in the course, please do! I would love to have you join.

Here's that link:

Musically Montessori eCourse Facebook Group

This course, "First 12 Weeks", is designed to launch your Montessori music curriculum with a little pizazz! We will be covering the basics of:

  • Deciding why you want your group to have music experiences as part of the curriculum and reflecting on the goals you have for them
  • Setting up your music circle time procedures for managing the group, Montessori-Style
  • How to teach a new song to the children, based on the Orff-Schulwerk method
  • Introducing rhythm instruments to children without getting a headache!
  • Planning playful activities for hands-on experiences with the basic elements of music
  • Presenting the step-by-step process in each lesson as well as an appropriate, sequential music curriculum that builds skills
  • Having fun while learning, too!

~ I have compiled a list of the materials you will need to get the most out of this course and to be able to continue offering wonderful music activities throughout the year, beyond these first 12 weeks!


  1. Music sound system (ex: cd player or iPod with speaker)
  2. These unpitched rhythm instruments for you and the children:

3. A way to print off the visuals from the pdf file for each week's activity (and a laminating system as well)

4. At least one high quality pitched instrument (ex: Montessori brass bells, a true sounding Glockenspiel, etc.) or a pitch pipe

5. A way to download mp3 recordings from Amazon or iTunes AND/OR a way to purchase the the recorded music we will be using in the lessons (ex: Music from Mozart, recordings from Frank Leto, etc.)

6. Time set aside each week to watch the 15 minute videos, review the lesson plans, prepare the materials you will need and to practice a little beforehand

~ Recommended:

  • Tambourines with heads: one for each child and teacher if your budget allows, otherwise rhythm sticks can be used instead. I use this brand: Rhode Island Novelty 5 in. mini tambourines Pack of 12. at Amazon
  • Chiquitas (small-sized maracas with a soft sound) At least one for each child and teacher, if your budget allows, otherwise rhythm sticks can be used instead. A pair for each person is ideal. I like these: Basic Beat Chiquitas at West Music
  • Sand blocks: a pair for each child and teacher if your budget allows, otherwise rhythm sticks can be used instead. I use these sand blocks from Kindermusik International: Green Sandblocks at $4.95 a pair.
  • Classical Fun Sing-A-Longs CD: Unfortunately this cd is not available commercially as an mp3 download, however, I have a wonderful arrangement with the authors and I have licensed to offer you the 24+ songs that we will be using in the Lessons...FOR NO EXTRA CHARGE! Check out this wonderful cd at   West Music at this link. YOU DON"T HAVE TO PURCHASE THIS, THE MP3 DOWNLOADS COME WITH THE COURSE!
  • Rhythm Band Jam (by Frank Leto) You can download the individual selections that we will use in some of the lessons, but I recommend just purchasing the whole album because there are so many activities you can use from this cd. If you go to Frank's website and purchase the cd, then you will get the little booklet that outlines the sequence of activities and how to do them. Otherwise, you can download the mp3 from Amazon: HERE.
  • Movement and Singing Games (by Sanford Jones) This is another resource that is not available on mp3 yet. The cd is well worth the purchase ($20. from Montessori Services) because it comes with an insert about the activities. I will be using some of the songs from this cd here and there throughout the next 12 weeks. It is available at Montessori Services: HERE

Looking for lots of fun learning activities?
Bring music to your group!