Mindful and Meditative Arts Certification Program - Level 1 - 250 hour program

We are no longer taking enrollments due to Coursecraft shutting down. As we migrate our programs to another online platform, we will be opening enrollments with them towards the end of January. Current participants have access to the course and materials.

A mindful and meditative expressive arts facilitator is someone who leads mindfulness and meditative practices, combining them with art making that creates a sense of mindfulness or moving meditation. Facilitators can work with small or large groups and 1:1. With life coaching training, it enhances your ability to coach your clients into even deeper levels of connecting with themselves.  Mindful Expressive Arts embody visual art, music, performing arts, narrative art, dance and film and the process takes you through a format for running groups that incorporates a variety of methods of mindfulness, meditation and breathwork. Courses are expressive arts based incorporating music, poetry, film, drama, dance, etc. The program explores how to facilitate groups in workshops of self discovery, intuitive processes and well as meditative and mindfulness based art making. Art has it's own language and speaks volumes in that language when words cannot be found. Including the expressive arts of writing, movement and music deepen the practice. This program has focused strongly on expressive art, but also includes instruction on how to use writing, music and movement with it.

Expressive Arts Facilitators might be intuitive/expressive artists, counselors, academics, psychologists, social workers, teachers, nurses, yogi's, mindfulness teachers and practitioners, wellness coaches, youth group leaders and other helping professionals, such as non-profit workers and volunteers.  Some facilitators of workshops have a knack for just knowing how to support people who are in their workshops. Others have never been in front of individuals in a workshop setting before, leading a workshop and need guidance. Some come to this work as intuitive healers and wise souls. Either way, if you have been drawn here, it is for a reason and we hope your path opens you to the abundance and jewels of the universe. You can even just go through the training to learn new things for yourself!  No art experience is required.  No degree is required.  This is not artmaking for a product to sell, to look good or to go on a wall. It can of course, but the entire purpose is using art to connect to your inner self, your soul, the universe, God, Creator. To honor the energy that runs through us and around us. To learn to listen to our inner self, develop our intuition and to learn to play and let go. Creating together on individual and collective art projects connect individuals coming together in community.

Complete the content at your own pace.  Complete the practice logs, the written workshop lesson plans and the facilitation practices as well as  the other core courses for this certification and you will be ready to lead your own workshops, consult with individual clients or start your own mindful art business.  The program is accredited through the Complimentary Therapists Accreditation Association and allows you to apply for certification through the International Mindfulness and Meditation Association as a Mindfulness or Meditation Teacher or Pracitioner.

  • Thank you for creating. I finally found a course that resonates with me. I want to use this to assist with my yoga workshop and future trauma-sensitive yoga classes.

    — Tanrak

Content in this module...

  • I have LOVED this module. I can already feel a big shift in my energy as I do these art projects. Can't wait to get some more supplies like stamps and stencils and do more of these! Thank you again for another amazing lesson.

    — Ruchita
  • Breathwork, Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Understanding Trauma
  • Self Care Essentials
  • Affirmation and Gratitude Practices in Art Making (includes expanded Mindful Affirmation Art™)
  • Mindful and Meditative Drawing Practices (includes expended Zen Drawing)
  • Meditative and Intuitive Art (includes mixed media, painting, printing, collage and writing practices)
  • Mindful Mandalas
  • Facilitating Group Workshops and Coaching Sessions
  • Building Your Practice

You also receive:

  • a pdf e-book manual
  • Coaching Essentials Booklet
  • Sacred Self Value Sort Art Game
  • Sacred Self Body Awareness Booklet
  • Group Facilitation Booklet
  • Mindful Art Making Process Workbooks with templates for each art module and over 600 Affirmations.
  • The Expressive Writing Journal (90pgs), for automatic writing and various forms of poetry (templates provided)
  • The Self Love Journal
  • lesson plan templates 
  • downloadable worksheets
  • and other resources as well as links to daily practice in audio, video and downloadable scripts
  • 93 Lessons in 9 Modules, 13+ workbooks, over a 300 pages of content

  • Thank you, Jessica, I am so excited to get started, and it feels like I am finally in the right place! I researched so many different programs and they just didn't feel right and were so much more expensive. This has felt time home since we first chatted. I'm so glad to be here.

    — Jaime
  • I've studied mindfulness in yoga but the different practices that you teach us in this program are really helpful and the thoroughness of teaching us how to formulate not only a personal practice but to TEACH and facilitate the mindful art workshops and 1:1 sessions is just a gem! Your interaction with me so frequently is really wonderful too. This program has really opened me up and I find my art changing and my outlook.

    — Julia

Cost, Time and Support

  • I'm so thrilled to have completed this program. Thank you for such an amazing journey. I can't wait for Level 2 to be released to learn more!

    — Christina
  • All the lessons on this topic are great! The videos are really helping me to understand the subject better.

    — Katherine
  • This is amazing piece of content.. loved the selfcare wheel it is so holistic .. and so individual based as well... the depth in this program is out of this world.

    — Sonam
  • I always use very muted tones and colours in my work but I decided to play with colour digitally and go BOLD and realized this was quite liberating !

    — Liz

If you look around and compare other programs of this type, most are much, much higher in cost with less than 1/4th of the content we have and without the depth and bread or experience we offer.  This program could easily retail for over 2500.00.  Our focus however, is to try to make this as affordable of a process to you as possible, while still being able to be sustainable in providing the materials for our homeless kits and to provide the scholarship support for those who have no insurance in need of mental health services.  

ALL of the workbooks and booklets below come with the over 300 page manual.

  • I've paid for trainings that were three or four times as much as yours and never gotten this many resources and depth of content. You put so much work into the development of this program and it shows. It's utterly amazing and an incredible value. I not only am using it to deepen my personal practice and growth but to use with my individual and group therapy clients. Thank you so much for this program!

    — Ivy

Payment Plans and Scholarships Available

All fees go towards supporting and creating homeless kits that go directly to street people in our area.  Warm kits consist of thermal socks, gloves and hats, Mylar blankets, and hand and foot warmers.  Cool kits consist of socks, hygiene kits, water, Mylar blankets, and protein snacks.  Left over revenues go to funding individual services for those without insurance that need mental healthcare and a small amount goes to the administration of our services i.e. website, advertising.  

A message from Jessica to certification participants...

Welcome and Hello! I'm so excited that you are considering taking this journey with me towards your certification in any of our specialty art facilitator and life coaching programs. The programs are created to educate you and prepare you for success in facilitating groups and individual sessions. They are also designed to help you create your own personal mindfulness art practice and learn to come from source intuitively in the creative process. If you are already a creative Beloved that does this, then it will be AMAZINGLY special as you have an opportunity to deepen you practice, but NO ART EXPERIENCE is required! I grew up around artists my entire life but was intimidated by their realism skills. And later, in my 30's when somehow became an art teacher (!) I had to teach myself and then get "caught up" really quickly.

I ended up studying at the Kansas City Art Institutes Continuing Education program obtaining a certificate in Fine Art, pursuing my MFA in Interdisciplinary Art at Goddard College, exploring creative and expressive arts with a certificate through Sophia University, completing my Trauma Informed Expressive Arts Therapy Certification and taking tons of art history, studio art, art therapy and expressive arts therapy workshops and courses. You don't need any art background for these courses. Of course it helps and if you do have that, YOUR challenge is going to be to get outside of your head with elements and principles. To leave the academic training at the door and only explore and create with what you are drawn to not what is appropriate from color wheel or composition. I have a rich history in breathwork, meditation and mindfulness to help support you on your journey. My background as a registered psychotherapist and substance use professional as well as my 25 years of teaching experience helps me, help YOU to be the best facilitator you can be.

Your Instructor

Need Based Scholarship Available

Financially based scholarships are available on a limited basis and at a reduced rate. The program fees all go to provide coaching and counseling services to those with no insurance or who cannot afford to pay and for homeless care kits to those living on the streets.  

Need Based Scholarship Application 

You may check on the status of your scholarship within 72 hours by emailing us at