Mandalas have been used for hundreds of years by a variety of different cultures to instill calm, focus and to create meaning. In this course you'll learn modern day methods for creating mandalas using mindfulness practices, mixed media art materials, written word and movement.

Supplies you will need:

  • Drawing paper or watercolor paper
  • pencils, pens, fine tip markers
  • a compass and ruler
  • watercolor or high flow acrylics (watered down acrylics work too--inks also)
  • access to a printer to print mandala templates

What to expect...

In this class you will learn foundations of mindfulness practices including mindful breathing, grounding techniques and different mindful meditations.  You will learn about the history of the mandala in different cultures and also how to create basic, mantra and gratitude mandalas.

Examples, directions and easy to follow references are included.

Finally, you will learn how to use the mandala as a catalyst for stillness and reflection as well as how to use mindful movement with your mandala.

Learn how to create mindfulness based mandalas.

Table of Contents

What is Mindfulness Anyway?
Mindful Grounding
The Mindfulness Practice
Mindfulness and Meditation
Chakra and Body Scan Meditations
Meditation Practices
Art, Calm and Neuroscience
Meditative and Intuitive Painting
Mandalas as Meditative Art Making Practice
Mantra Mandalas
Gratitude Mandalas
Breath Mandalas
Love Mandala

Frequently Asked Questions

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