Meeting Clair 

Your Intuitive Guide

Did you know that you — yes, you — were born with a powerful gift, the gift of intuition?

You may think of it as instinct or a hunch just tapping the surface, but when you take the time to develop your intuition, you will begin to understand that you have been receiving messages from your inner voice all along.

Fleeting thoughts that moved quickly through your mind

What you felt in certain environments or when meeting someone new but dismissed as the judgment

Knowing but not knowing why you know

These have all been gentle nudges from your intuition.

You just haven’t been taught how to listen to — and trust — this valuable tool.

Intuition is a powerful guidance system that is always within you, offering 24/7 support, empowerment, and step by step healing in all areas of your life.

How blissful does that sound?

Healing and releasing the mental + emotional baggage that no longer serves you so that you can live the life you dream of

With intuition, all of that is possible, and it’s already at hand.

All you need to do is tap in and learn how to listen.

In my online course, you will learn how to:

Silence the mind chatter. 

Learn how to tune in and trust your Clairs

Build confidence in your decision-making process.

Create a clear intention of what you want and the steps you want to take to achieve it.

Self-soothing techniques to calm you in any situation to make positive shifts in your thinking

Learn the time-saving techniques from a professional intuitive.

Now is your chance to say yes to developing your inherent gift of intuition.



    Learning intuitive tools can guide and support you in...

    ● Creating healthy relationships — romantic, family, and friendships

    ● Growing your finances

    ● Changing or evolving your career

    ● Improving your physical health

    ● Increasing confidence in your ability to make decisions and not second guess yourself

    ● Thinking more clearly

    ● Getting unstuck

    ● Building your spiritual connectivity

    ● Trusting in the unknown and believing that you are supported

    ● Quieting the noisy mind and the antagonist within

    ● Developing a deep practice of self-love 

    I have taught thousands of beginner intuitive how to use these simple techniques to shift their thinking from the mental space to the intuitive guru within! 

    These are the precise tools I use every day in my work as a successful  Intuitive Development Coach and Spiritual Guide working with thousands of clients over the past 10 years.

    I have streamlined the practices to be the most effective and time-saving tools of the trade

    I also use my intuition in my personal life to navigate the sea of personalities that all of us face on a daily basis. These tools served as my guidance system in writing and developing my newly released book, The Other Side of Addiction — The Afterlife. 

    I am a living testimony to how learning to quiet the mind, listen, and trust my inner voice can change your world, full circle. 

    It is my privilege to share these life-changing tools with you for a drastic reduction during these challenging times of uncertainty, this is a time to redesign life like you were meant to live it. 


    I was inspired to create this video course, I believe in you and your capability to partner with your intuition.

    You have a mighty gift within you and it is time to open it up!



    All living beings were born with the intuitive nature to thrive, it is when we disconnect from the inner voice, life then becomes something we feel we have to survive. 


    Colleen St. Michaels is a renowned Intuitive, SpiritualTeacher, Intuitive Development Coach, and Motivational Speaker. As a pioneer of the Spiritual Leadership community, she works with individuals and groups teaching tools to reach their highest self emotionally, spiritually, professionally, and physically. She has sat with thousands of clients for over a decade and has watched the transformation of confusion to confidence take place with the intuitive understanding she teaches.
    Colleen also offers Intuitive Development Coaching through her platform, offering an in-depth how-to approach for individuals, workshops, group programming, and keynote speaker events that focus on steps to cope and connect with change by navigating your intuitive messages. She respects and encourages the greatness in every one and is passionate about teaching how to use the tools of self-love by developing their own intuitive muscle, creating a connection into the invisible realms.
    Colleen has been featured on daytime talk shows and numerous podcasts such as Badass Manifester. In addition to her companies, Colleen continues to develop tools to uncover purpose, passion, and path to self-discovery and empowerment. She is the creator of Peace Warrior Angel Guidance Deck, which includes a card deck and guidebook for at-home guidance to building a healthy relationship with yourself while learning the tools to navigate the journey through life. Colleen is also the author of The Other Side of Addiction, a Self Help Guide and Interactive Workbook designed to help with addiction and the grief that follows. Along with these roles, Colleen's greatest role is mother to her two beautiful children, whom she loves to spend time with cooking and relaxing by the beach.

    • I so enjoyed our lessons and it was perfect and exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you for the great work you do to enhance people's lives.

      — Sincerely. NC
    • When you teach it is so clear and natural. I have always been curious about the "inner nudges" that I felt since a child but never felt confident enough to trust it. Since completing your courses I have changed my career and I am successfully following my passion. Thank YOU!

      — GC
    • I thought that intuition was only for "psychics" I feel so empowered to know that my confusion was just the symptom of not wanting to listen to my inner guidance. I now have confidence in what I do and dont want!

      — MW

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