90 Day 'Go Deep' Wellness Home Study Course

Depending on how much of yourself, you decide put into this course you may expect to get these great results: 

  • More Energy
  • Better Night's Sleep
  • Improved Metabolism
  • Better Motivation and Positive Mindset
  • Healthier Relationships
  • Releasing Old Negative Emotions that clog your Chi through Forgiveness. 
  • Reducing or Slowing Down Inflammation (which can mean less aches and pains or even reduced allergy symptoms) 
  • Better Immunity (reduced sick days so you can do more of what you love)
  • Better Outlook on your future and your health! 
  • Kicking your Soda Habit to the curb
  • Reduced Cravings and Emotional Eating
  • Ways to shop and save on healthy food
  • Healthy Substitutes and Pantry Makeover that's low stress and easy! 
  • Hope for your chronic illness issues.  

Insider secrets to better energy and less stress taught in this course!  shhhhh.... 

Change your health and change the world! How can you live your passion and make changes in the world if you are tired, exhausted, and feel like junk? You can't!!! I want you to feel better have more energy and do more of the things you love!   

This is 8 (not so radical) modules that will help you change your health for good without fads, starvation or complicated diets that frustrate you!!! 

The world needs the gift you have to share, but you can’t be a light and make your voice know if you don't feel well enough to do anything. 

For less than a cup of coffee a day, you can learn how to fuel your body with real foods that are easy to choose without complication,  do a pantry makeover that realistic, not hard, set goals and keep them, find the imbalances in your wellness and get balanced. You will also find ways to reduce your stress and realize how relationships enhance or hurt your health. In this course you will also learn how to beat the evil gremlin that is stopping you from achieving your wellness goals.   Are you struggling with ways to nourish your body?  Do you suspect a food intolerance that is stopping you from getting better?  Do you  need to set better boundaries with people because you are being drained?   What about your energy levels? Would you like to improve them? What about sleep?   That can really stifle our progress.   Do you find it hard to know what foods are healthy and what is FAD?  So much information out there, who knows these days, what is what. 

Listen..... I have been there!!!   I was sick and exhausted in my 20's  I was stressed and didn't eat well, nor set good boundaries with people and relationships.  I was even on medications it was so bad. A few years later that started to change!!!  Now  I feel better in my 40's than my 20's!    In fact I even earned my 4th degree black belt and am working on my blue belt in Jui-Jitsu.  I could have never done that before.

I feel so much better!!!   I live my passion every day  and I have a great outlook on life, now,  and a positive attitude about where my life is going!!  What about you?

Now I help other people do the same!  I teach the same principles (in easy to understand ways) in this home study course!!    In this course you get all of the tips and foundational topics that I used over the years to give you a well rounded approach to health and wellness so you can feel better and do more of what you love! 

What sets me apart from other health coaches? Not only do I have specialized ADVANCED studies in holistic therapies such as herbalism, flower essence, aromatherapy and Reiki,   I also have a 4th degree black belt and I well versed in inspiring people to self motivate to meet their goals without talking down to them or making them feel judged.  

Why don't you take advantage of my years of specialized study and use my knowledge and approach to to get your life back and live your passion!!!   Think of how your life would change if you had more energy, felt better and had less stress! 

This course is NOT for you if: 

You do not want to make any changes you are happy with your health 'as is'

You don't believe food, sleep or relationships affect your health in any way.

You want a quick fix and don't want to invest any time or energy in your health/wellness

You don't care where your health will be  you are in 1, 5 or 10 years.  

This course IS for you if:

You want to make small and solid steps to improving your health and you don't want fads. 

You are looking for solid resources! 

You know that if you continue on the path you are on now, in 1, 5 or 10 years you health will deteriorate and you may be a burden on others or not be able to live your life the way you want (ie travel and do the things you enjoy)

You are ready to invest yourself and you are ready to make small yet steady changes that will help in the long run. 

You want access to the course past '6 weeks' like some programs (you get the program for 'life'  even if I move it over to my website you will be given access to the course-- basically until the zombie apocalypse come lol)

You are ready to honor yourself and focus on yourself and your health. 

Here's the nitty gritty: 

Thirteen Week 8 Module E-course!   With lots of bonus extras so it equals out to more than 13 weeks with bonuses!!  

Its pretty intensive so I have helped with schedule to make the most of it, and you can take it week by week or make a week and make it a month, whatever works for you. I wanted to make sure you got value for your money!  Since you have unlimited access to it, you can go as slow as you need to and come back to each topic as  you have mastered the last one. 

What's in it for you?  Besides the core of the course and great resources you get...

The downloads alone are worth $357 and that doesn't even count the video content, my expert knowledge, the bonus videos and the links and other resources! 

Bonus Downloads Include

Eating Healthy on the  Go ($10 value) included

LOTS of Downloads for goal tracking, wellness wheels, meal planning, sleep and stress, etc ($197 value) included PLUS

Grocery Shopping Guide  E-book ($18 dollar value)

Easy Guide to Buying Organic Downloadable ($5 dollar value)  

Smoothie/Juice Recipe E-Book ($15 dollar value) 

Jump Start Recipe E-book ($30 dollar value) 


7 Day Mindful Living E-Course ($75) 

Visualizing and Anchoring E-Course ($50)

The total value for this course is easily over $650 , if you see another course similar and the person has the level of experience I have for a lower price, go for it!  You won't find it, I promise!   

My name is Kelli, AKA Maw-Maw Kelli and I am passionate about health!   What I really want to do is help people to achieve their health goals! so they can regain their energy to do the things they love and live their passion again! You deserve it!I have years of specialized holistic training and many more YEARS of actual  experience.  Lots of advanced education is going in to this  DIY E-course!  I am not a 'hobby herbalist or hobby health coach'  I get paid for my work!  I just didn't walk of the street to do this course. I don't just talk the talk, I live it!   I am a Professional Herbalist/Aromatherapist, Martial Artist, Reiki Master/Teacher and Health Coach, so lots went into this course! 

Is this course for you?  Well are you ready to put easy concepts into practice for lasting health?  Are you tired of yo-yo diets?  Tired of 'cleanses or detoxes' that work temporarily and then you are back to the old ways?  This is not a cleanse, detox, nor a smoothie course (although I do enjoy smoothies from time to time). 

 In this course we will look at nutrient dense foods, easy ways to choose those foods, without having to spend tons of time learning nutrition. We will look at healthy overall eating and lifestyle practices that work and this will be your foundation for health.  You choose the healthy foods for you!

BUT we go beyond just nutritional concepts in this course, it is designed for people who think that eating healthy is expensive or difficult. Its also for people who need a more well rounded approach to health and wellness (looking at playtime, lifestyle, relationship balance, stress, nourishing your body, and even self care in your life). 

This course will help you to understand basic principles and make your grocery shopping easier and help you look at your life from a different view to help you determine what may be draining your energy or vital force and ways to slowly initiate changes to fix that and get on the road to feeling better fast!  

Want to know more about me? 

Its Time for Me to Make Myself a Priority! 

  • Just came home from a workshop with herbalist Kelli Hughart Armes also known as Maw-Maw Kelli. If you want to see what an experienced folk herbalist does, she is the real thing. Thank you Maw-Maw Kelli for a great class!

    — V.J.
  • I love Maw-Maw Kelli, she gave me the hope I needed when I was struggling with my health issue

    — A.R.
  • I've been working with Maw-Maw Kelli for a while, and I couldn't ask for a better mentor! She has helped me get through a lot, and as a college student, learning how to take care of myself has been essential.

    — Kristin S.
  • I am an endurance athlete that has struggled with maintaining my weight and feeling depleted during the training season. I did a laser coaching session with Maw-Maw Kelli’s Herbs, LLC. Kelli provided me with solid nutritional advice that has been propelling me through this training season. I have been maintaining my weight and exceeding my previous performance thresholds. I have noticeable increases in stamina and speed.

    — T.B
  • This course is helping me think more about what goes into my body and makes me more aware of what food choices I need to be making.

    — J.H.
  • Still moving through this course, 90 Days From Frustrated to Fabulous and learning so much on my way. Some changes I have for a fabulous me is eating more fruits, more fish, (which is pretty easy since I like fish) and I choose foods that will give energy, focusing on those that benefit me as I age, because I am aging. I choose foods with my wellbeing in mind and do not choose those that do not benefit me, like bread. I now eat very little bread, and I have added more green foods, protein and fiber foods. I am glad that Kelli addressed staying focused because It is easy to get off track and feel beaten but Kelli also encourages us to not let our own selves beat us. She teaches how we can stay focused and how we can encourage ourselves. This is a great course. Thank you Kelli.

    — J.B.

Do you often get side tracked on sabotage your health I call him the Evil Gremlin (he's shown below) and he often says, You Suck.... and other ugliness!  We are getting rid of him once and for all!  

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