Make MOSAIC online with me.....

Hi I'm Anne Cardwell and I'm going to show you simply how to make mosaics. 

Perfect if you are you are too busy to attend classes, but can work
around your commitments and with my inspiration you'll soon get started.

  • Watch to learn the techniques in easy steps
  • Work at your own pace in your own space
  • Order materials after you have become engaged with the process

GREAT reasons to take up mosaic art

  1. It doesn't need amazing drawing skills or technical brilliance to make something beautiful, original and decorative! Breaking tiles requires nippers and a little dexterity and is easily achievable.
  2. It doesn't require expensive equipment.
  3. It doesn't take up a lot of space.
  4. It's creative, fun, relaxing, rewarding.
  5. It's also really easy to pick up and set down, just pick up the nippers and complete a bit more, and a bit more... it is so satisfying watching a design grow... piece by piece by piece.

click to enjoy mosaic art

these are the projects to start with...


  • about materials, what is suitable - so many exciting options
  • how to break tiles with nippers - easier than you could believe!
  • how to create style and flow, so your mosaics are lively and readable
  • practical information, bases, glues etc (important stuff!)
  • how to grout work, so it is waterproof and secure
  • ideas for projects - things you can make your house, garden or for gifts

About me. 

l teach mosaic every week and I have been doing so since 2005. As a graphic design graduate working in top London consultancies I had been making decisions about colour and style for years, it was easy to transfer this creativity to mosaic art. Nearly two decades later hundreds of students have passed through my doors and I've loved helping them immerse themselves in this wonderful art. I also run residential courses and school groups (see my website). Scroll down for samples of their work and my own portfolio.

When I wrote, 'Stylish Mosaics', I brought my many years of mosaic experience together by producing a book. Now I have done the same with this online course, but this time with lessons supported by video, notes  and commentary.

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I remember the first time I encountered mosaic art! Straightaway I decided this was something to learn, love and share. The straightforward techniques quickly learned on this course will soon likewise have you nipping your tiles into amazing art.

You'll make these with me....

It's a bit like learning musical scales, make some or all of these projects, each one is featured in detail. With the techniques mastered you will soon be proficient to make anything you like in your own style. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

If I purchase how long do I have access to the course?

It's yours forever.

What do I need to start?

At first, nothing - just watch first, order materials later.

How much time do I need?

You aren't signing up to take a lesson at a particular time, you work at your own pace whenever it suits. Half an hour will get you started.

All this for £25 sounds very reasonable....

Yes, absolutely amazing!


"I'm so excited about my first mosaic delivery, it is like Christmas opening up the gorgeous materials  - I just can't wait to get started"

"Andamento is not a new word for me, but it is explained most thoroughly here"

"am loving it, thank you for getting me hooked"

"generous, thorough & helpful information"

"Anne shows the methods very clearly and it's easy to understand the principles involved. Really enjoying this course and learning so much".

"Wonderful course. Improved my techniques overnight!"

"All good advice and the cutting styles are very clear when you hear it from Anne."

"This course is amaaazing!! I love the style and colours of the mosaics. I've been looking for a new hobby that I can do at home and this fits the bill perfectly".

"really informative, mosaic has improved my free time 1000%!!"

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in one minute - what my students have made...

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All the basics
which base?
what glue?
preparing boards, transferring designs
The detailed lessons
From a single tile to a mosaic....
1. Let's get started!
2. indepth andamento, cutting up close
3. mosaic styles, andamento - flow
4. making - our seagull design...
Bonus lesson - working with marble
Finishing up

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my work....

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