Love Yourself First

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Love Yourself First

Self love. Without the bullshit.

You know you attract losers

You know you need to love yourself more

You keep asking, "Yes but HOW do I love myself?"

There's a lot of fluff on self love. This isn't fluff.

This is practical AF.

It's deep.

And I'll guide you every step of the way.

During 'Love Yourself First' I will:

✔️ Guide you through the REAL process of loving yourself

✔️ Give personalized, unique journaling prompts to help you trust yourself and know what to do next

✔️Offer practical tips and steps that you can easily implement into your life

✔️ Deliver this through 6 brand new video trainings, recorded in August and September 2020 (2 hours of new content)

After 'Love Yourself First' you will:

✔️ Feel confident, radiant and empowered

✔️ Have a beautiful relationship with yourself

✔️ TRULY believe you're worthy of gorgeous relationships in every area of your life

You will also:

✔️ Have the tools to communicate your needs

✔️ Learn how to deal with your family as an adult

✔️Become a master of family dynamics and have the superpower to rise above family drama (you become the Yoda of your family)

^^ You will also see this video once you've enrolled in Love Yourself First

I give you the psychological theory AND the practical steps.

Information is useless if you don't know what to do with it.

(this is why reading books + watching videos alone hasn't worked)

In Love Yourself First I give practical steps so you:

  1. Understand WHY you found it hard to love yourself
  2. Know what to do next to break the cycle

    I make it simple and practical. No fluff. No bullshit.

    My speciality is taking complex information and breaking it down into the meat-and-potatoes action steps.

    This is what I do for you in Love Yourself First.

    You'll wish you started yesterday ⬇️

    Gain instant access to
    Love Yourself First

    Why Love Yourself First?

    "Because the relationship we have with ourselves is the foundation all of our relationships are built upon." - Cheryl's definition 

    Loving yourself is more than nails and bubble baths. It's about understanding yourself and your needs deeply.

    This is what I teach you in Love Yourself First.

    Love Yourself First includes £250 of bonuses:

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    Table of Contents

    How To Use The Bundle
    Embodying Feminine Energy
    Morning Routine Debunked
    How To Self Soothe
    The Invisible Child
    Breaking The Obsession Loop
    Navigating Family Dynamics Today
    Inner Child Healing Meditation
    Loyalty codes for Infinite Love

    Your Questions:

    How long do I have access to the course?

    Forever! Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you need. So devour it all in one go or take things slow. It's up to you.

    I still have a question, how can I contact you?

    Send me an email at Or, slide into my DMs on Instagram (@cheryljmuir). Happy to answer your questions about the course and how it supports you.

    What's your refund policy?

    We are confident in the course material and this process, and for this reason we don't issue refunds.

    To see if you resonate with me first, you can absorb my work on IG and YouTube:

    IG >> YouTube >>

    You can also search 'Cheryl Muir' in Spotify or Apple Podcasts and listen to the free wisdom I share in podcast interviews.

    PS: This is not a magic pill.

    Your life won't magically transform by enrolling. (I'm shit hot at this work, but I'm not a genie)

    You will transform by watching the videos, taking notes, doing the journaling prompts, and applying and integrating what you've learned.

    Enrol because you want to be guided. Not saved.

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    Love Yourself First

    About Cheryl

    Cheryl Muir is a leading expert in relationship patterns and specialises in helping creative women overcome their dating drama fast. Cheryl is the creator of The Dating Drama Empowerment Method and The 6 Dating Drama Archetypes. Through a combination of these models and her powerful transformational coaching, Cheryl frees women from a lifetime of painful patterns in love and relationships.

    Cheryl is based in the UK. She has been featured in The Daily Mail, Metro News, Bustle and Woman’s Own magazine, as well as top-rated podcasts including The Confused Millennial, Addicted2Success, and The Ashley Hann Show.

    To learn more about Cheryl’s work, visit or follow Cheryl on Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

    Gain instant access to
    Love Yourself First