LIST BUILDING LEAD MAGNETS: Attract and Convert New Clients on Autopilot


ATTRACT and Convert Leads 

AUTOMATE Your Lead Generation and Marketing 

UNLEASH Your True Income Potential

Calling all Coaches, Creatives, and Service-Based Entrepreneurs!

Hands up if you're frustrated with trying unsuccessfully to...

► Explain the purpose and  value of what you do.

► Get new leads and new clients/customers on a consistent basis.

► Automate your how you market your products or services.

► Demonstrate the incredible value and awesome benefits of your products or services.

► Turn your website into a lead generation and conversion machine.

► Develop a full-proof system for turning prospects into paying clients or customers. 

►  Persuade your website visitors or social media followers to exchange their information for a freebie product or service that you offer.

If this sounds like you, you are not alone.

Most of us start our businesses thinking that once our website is launched, it will automatically generate traffic, clients, and money for us. 

The truth is that it's a bit more complicated than this. 

    If you want to generate leads (or prospects) that you can convert into paying customers, the first order of business is to find a good way to communicate with them. 

    With a reliable communication channel, you can start to build a relationship in which your target customers know, like, and trust you. That ‘know, like, trust’ equation is the basis of all repeat sales. It’s also extremely difficult to build unless you can communicate regularly.

    So how do you get get things started? 

    It all starts with email. Yes, email. 

    It may sound outdated, but for most demographic groups, email is still a primary form of communication which people check daily. Once you have someone’s email address, you have a direct channel for building a relationship. The best part is that you have control over that channel.

    While people have the option of opening your email or not, there’s no third party company who can randomly take away your contact list. There’s no social media company who decides whether people see your message or not. And there’s no search engine that calculates whether to show your information or not.

    But how do you obtain those email addresses in the first place? One of the best ways is to create a ‘lead magnet’ that’s so irresistible that your target audience will be eager to provide their email address.

    That's Why You Need List Building Lead Magnets!

    By the time you complete this highly actionable e-course, you'll be able to:

      ► Explain what a lead magnet is and why they are important
      ► Identify the goal for your lead magnet
      ► Define the target market for your lead magnet
      ► Identify a topic and format for your lead magnet
      ► Create your ideal lead magnet
      ► Draft the content of your web form and opt-in page for sign-ups
      ► Identify how you will deliver your lead magnet
      ► Outline your follow up emails
      ► Select ways to promote your lead magnet
      ► Assess the effectiveness of your lead magnet

      And it's so much easier than you think.

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      Module 1 - Introduction to Lead Magnets
      Module 1: Lesson - Introduction to Lead Magnets
      Module 1: Activity - What is a Lead Magnet?
      Module 1: Reflect On Your Progress
      Module 1: Wrap Up
      Module 1: Feedback (optional)
      Module 2 - Start with the End in Mind: Define Your Goal
      Module 2: Lesson - Start with the End in Mind: Define Your Goal
      Module 2: Activity - What is your goal for your lead magnet?
      Module 2: Reflect On Your Progress
      Module 2: Wrap Up
      Module 2: Feedback (optional)
      Module 3 - Define Your Ideal Customer
      Module 3: Lesson - Define Your Ideal Customer

      ► A lead magnet checklist and timeline.

      ► An interactive list of lead magnet tools

      ► A Course eBook that includes all of the lesson content from the course. 

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      Don't miss out
      It's the best course ever

      One-Time Payment

      $247 once

      Payment Plan

      2 payments of $125/month

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