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Oct 2 2016

Lino Printing 201 is a self paced class that looks at creating and hand printing one colour lino blocks. This class is designed for people who have a little experience with lino printing or have the basics sorted. We focus on creating more complex designs, ways of converting and transferring them to blocks, more advanced carving techniques, proofing and printing and then we also look at some advanced printing techniques, creating editions, and then some techniques for creating pushing your one colour blocks a bit further. We cover a lot!!! If you don't have any experience then you might want to pop to lino printing 101 and check it out first... and of course you can bundle the two together for a discounted price!

The course is structured with a guided exercise and lots of lessons for you to dip into and out of for you to use as resources and inspiration. It is delivered through written text, lots of videos, demonstrations of techniques, discussion boards, illustrations, pdf's and a private Facebook group and shared pinterest board.

Not only that you get lifetime access so any time I update materials, add new lessons or just want to come back for a visit you can pop in and catch up.

Below there is a bit of a video introduction for you,  and below that is a video on basic equipment and also a frequently asked questions section

You can also contact me for anything not covered here that you are curious about and I look forward to answering any queries you may have.

I am looking forward to seeing you in class!!!

come and join me...

What is it all about...

  • designing one colour blocks
  • inspiration and ideation
  • materials guides and breakdowns of equipment
  • converting images for design purposes
  • transferring images onto blocks
  • carving techniques
  • hand printing
  • test prints and proofing
  • printing troubleshooting
  • registration
  • printing editions
  • advanced printing techniques
  • lots of pdf's 
  • video demonstrations and lessons
  • written lessons
  • discussion boards
  • private facebook group
  • shared pinterest board
  • teaching guidance and feedback

Do I need a lot of equipment?

Kind of... you will need lino obviously but this is pretty easy to come by these days, and isn't as expensive as you think. You will also need a couple of lino tools... just one could work and they are available singly, though a set is also a great investment , but I would suggest that you have at least one v shaped gouge and at least one u shaped... these are the backbone of any kit. You will also need a brayer or hard roller of some sort, but these aren't too expensive, and some inks, or you can buy a medium called extender which turns your paints into inks. You won't need access to a printing press as we are hand printing so a wooden spoon works perfectly, or a baren if the budget extends, but as they are only a few dollars, this isn't too bad. Then you need something to roll your ink out on, which can be an old tray or a sheet of plastic and the final thing you will need is paper and pretty much anything you have on hand will do. There are some really reasonable kits out there which have everything you need to get started... I picked one up for $16 recently and I only just finished using the ink... a great investment! There is a video just above that has a basics kit for you...

What is included in the course

The whole course is a self paced course which means it is not run "live"with lessons released each week. All the lessons are released at one time and you work through them at your own pace. I will be checking in a couple of times a week and will be checking on your progress and answering questions. There are several video lessons, some of which have multiple parts, as well as a materials video, and of course some welcome and goodbye chats. I have also included written explanations and examples, some images which I hope will inspire you, and some pdf's to download. Artists to go looking at to inspire you, discussion boards where you can discuss, share your work, interact with your classmates and get feedback from me are available for all the lessons, plus you get access to a private facebook group and there is a pinterest board. Plus all of this is available for lifetime access on this platform. Which means you can come back and revisit it any time, or if I add or update any videos you will always have access to the all of the course material.... for ever.

I really like lino printing but I'm not very good at drawing... does this matter?

We are all creative even if you don't think you are, and drawing is a skill that can be learned like any other so put that sort of negative self talk aside right now and come and play with us. My job as a teacher is to give you the skills to be able to get some of the ideas in your head out onto your lino, and we discuss some ways you can do this. It isn't all about drawing... there are loads of shortcuts to help you achieve great results. I can tell you that you will be creating some amazing work in no time. One of the big advantages of being in the class is that i am an experienced and trained art teacher, I even have a Masters in Art Education, and won awards for my research. I am completely and utterly committed to teaching art in a way that gives people the chance to be their best creative selves...

Is there a set time to complete the class?

The course comes with lifetime access on this platform so you can dip in and out as you like. You can revisit lessons and videos, you can pop in and chat with new and old participants on the discussion boards and be part of the fun on your terms. It is self paced and is for you to fit into your lifestyle. This is no pressure learning here!

Will it all work on tablets and phones, and do I need high speed internet?

High speed internet would be an advantage as there are a lot of videos, but it has all been configured to work on your ipads and devices as well as on computers. If you don't have access to a good internet connection, or plenty of data then you won't get the full advantages and best experience of the course. Videos are not downloadable as they are offered with lifetime access, so please take this into account when enrolling

Do I have to join in the groups?

If you would like to be part of the Facebook group, or pin to our class Pinterest board you will be welcomed with open arms. If you don't then we will still have arms open. The joy of all this is you get to do it your way. You might like to stalk the groups and read and get a bit of courage happening before you post, or you might dive in with both feet. It is all about you so you can do as you like and you can change your mind at any time and either jump in or out as suits you.

How much will you be on hand to help me in class?

This class is not run live so I won't be there waiting on you to ask questions, but I do have it set up so that I get notifications the minute you post questions to the discussion board or the facebook group. I endeavor to answer them with in 24 hours, keeping in mind that I can often be asleep while you are working and vice versa due to the differing time zones. I check in to the facebook groups regularly and this system has worked well with my other class Delicious Paint, so I envisage it should also work well here.

Can I share the course materials?

I hope you respect that this is a private course, that you and others have paid for, and that I have spent a lot of time putting together. So while I would encourage you to share your work in any and all forums that you like, but the work of others or specific content is not for general sharing sorry. I think that using your judgement is key about what you share and I certainly hope that you hashtag #linoprinting201 like crazy and are proud of your work and shout that to the hilltops, but content and techniques and processes specific to the course and my teaching materials aren't for sharing outside of the classroom.

What if I change my mind about enrolling?

I am sorry but once you sign up then refunds will not be given. If there are technical difficulties I will work with Coursecraft to ensure these are sorted for you.

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