• -“The classes were really incredible… At the beginning you may think it’s going to be difficult, but not at all”

    — Blanca SP (59)
  • –“It’s like being a kid again and playing… I could fly”

    — Declan IR (26)
  • -“Thank you Pilu for these classes. Now I can do fly high regularly. I like the sensation I have after every class. Feeling like flying and relaxing, also the feeling of a good muscle workout. I recommend everyone to try this!”

    — Mariya RU (30)
  • -“The fly high experience was physically challenging and also left me feeling completely relaxed in my body and mind. Combining excellent sequencing, great cues, smooth transitions, an all-around amazing class.”

    — Jenna DE (35)

The Fly High Yoga belt will be delivered to the door of your house for FREE